Oskar Torunn

Dwarven Archaeologist, Genius Tinker


“The world is such a fascinating place. If it’s all the same to you, I’d rather it not end.” -Oskar Torunn, to Cobb

Oskar was born and raised in one of the great floating cities of the dwarven people, and educated in their communal schools. He showed a strong aptitude for machinery early on in life, and a compulsive desire to take things apart, find out how they worked, and make them work better. By his late adolescence he was already gaining a reputation as one of the most talented inventors of his generation, and could have easily become a legend just working for the Dwarven Union. However, his natural curiosity was directed not just at the machines he built, but at the world outside the walls of the city as well. He wanted to know how everything worked, and so he packed up his tools and journeyed out into the world, hoping to direct his considerable genius at an even grander problem.

His talents soon earned him a position as a travelling archaeologist with one of the Wizarding Academies, and in his travels he learned to defend himself as well, crafting a powerful repeating crossbow decades ahead of the technology of the time. On one of his expeditions he met the wandering Elven warrior Ielenia Longshadow, and the two of them fell in love. Oskar was a deeply analytical dwarf, and had never been in love before, but he remained deeply devoted to Ielenia throughout their lives. She accompanied him on his expeditions, and it is rumored that the two of them even tracked down and spoke with a real dragon in their search for a way to end the Sorcerer Wars. It was Oskar who calculated just how much damage Cobb’s spell would do to the world, and determined that he must be stopped before he could complete it. Along with Elywick Garrick, the two of them journeyed to Cobb’s tower and confronted him, and no one emerged from the confrontation alive.

The western province of Torunn was named in Oskar’s honor, and he is considered the greatest hero of the dwarven people. He is the patron protector of smiths and scientists, and statues of him grace the halls of every academy.

Oskar Torunn

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