A Scatterbrained Traveler


Gregarious and friendly, Ooka wandered away from home one day to go fishing, and just never went back (she’s not very good at fishing, you see). She avoids the Inquisition, but isn’t exactly on the run.

Ooka likes games, learning & experiencing new things, fighting for justice, and light-hearted trickery. People come and go, and she doesn’t really let herself get attached.

Young and easily swayed, she tends to attach herself to groups of other friendly travelers until they tire of her, or she gets distracted and wanders off.

Joyuka is the fifth incarnation of Oskar Torunn.

After meeting Eabha and her traveling companions, Ooka agreed to quest with them. It was through these trials and tribulations that she gained her fastest of friends, and her place in the world.

Her new friends learned, after traveling with her for some time, that she was a creature from across the Great Ocean, and had been washed up on a beach some time ago. After her ill-fated fishing trip she worked hard to acclimatize to the new land she found herself in.

While rescuing Eabha from The Ark, Ooka acquired the The Book of Condemnation. She would struggle, and eventually triumph over the madness the book imparts on all of its wielders.

When Nax fell, an High Inquisitor Aust Amastacia went mad from living his many lives, Ooka took the mantle of High Inquisitor and swore to change the ways of the West.

In the aftermath of their heroic battle, Ooka worked with her new friends to establish a world order that would train and teach magic-users rather than hunt and imprison them.


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