The Enemy of the Good, Part II

The End

Nax omega 2
The party waged a desperate final battle against Nax as he attempted to wrench open the portal between worlds. While Doran held off Nax’s horrific creations and Dree and Ooka removed the magi he was using to power his spell, Eabha channeled all of her magic and finally managed to close the portal for good. Nax was cut off from the source of his power, and Doran dealt a final blow, cleaving his head off.

However, Nax was determined to take the world with him. Engulfing Cobb’s tower in dark energy, he transformed into a massive creature of shadow and power, and did everything he could to crush those who had denied him his victory. With some help from Catherine Melusine and her friends on the Shard Runner, the party beat back Nax’s attacks and finally destroyed him for good, turning him back into a human with no memories of what he had done.

In the aftermath, the party surveyed the battlefield and mourned over those they had lost. They returned to Goodhearth, where Catherine finally got a chance to mourn her departed husband and Doran proposed to Eabha, marking a new beginning.


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