The Enemy of the Good, Part I

The party prepares for the final battle, and meets an old foe on the path to Nax

Last stand
On the eve of the final battle, the leaders of the allied armies assembled by the Shardrunner to coordinate their plans. The party reunited with Nina Barron, Ronan Torlukk, Bernard, and their other friends, possibly for the last time. Eabha and Ooka baked pies, while Doran brooded and Dreeta bonded with her orcs. The next morning, the four of them boarded the Shardrunner and headed off into the clouds, leaving their friends to the battle below.

When Roland received the signal, the Shardrunner descended into the chaos. The Horde and the Legion clashed with the massed army of Garrick while the Marnish heavy cavalry swept in on the flanks and Inquisitors traded spells with magi in the sky above. The Shardrunner streaked across the battlefield, but was struck by massed fire from the enemy casters and crashed to the ground. Stranded and disoriented, the party was saved by the timely arrival of Ronan’s elite warriors and Nina’s vanguard, and together they made the final push to the tower. A meteor from Bernard breached the wall of the fortress, and the party made their way into the tower, shutting the door behind them.

Inside, they found the landscape of the tower warped by Nax’s intrusion. The many timelines held within had bled together, creating a nightmarish landscape outside of space and time. The party found their way to the door leading to the top of the tower, but were blocked by Amastacia, who had been driven mad by his time in the tower and his memory of his previous lives. Using his power to nullify their magic, Amastacia nearly drove the party back, but he was defeated when Ooka called upon her previous incarnations for support. The party pressed on through the door to the top of the tower, where Nax awaited…


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