The Book of Condemnation

The party finds unlikely allies deep in the mountains, and Ooka takes on a new job

Golemworks 2

The party was deposited unceremoniously by the dragons high in the mountains of Doloth. They rushed to the aid of a town under attack by Nax’s mages and golems, and were surprised to find themselves fighting side-by-side with the Inquisition, who were in retreat after the fall of the Ark. With the loss of Amastacia, the Inquisitors had dedicated themselves to defending Doloth’s civilian population, but were fighting a losing battle against the golems being continuously produced by one of Nax’s most loyal minions, a wizard known only as The Artificer. At the hidden stronghold of Deephome, the party reunited with Nicolai and encountered Baldrick, whom they had defeated previously. Baldrick proposed an alliance between the Inquisition and the forces united against Nax, to be cemented by the party defeating The Artificer and giving the Inquisition a chance to move their forces into position.

With Nicolai’s help, the party infiltrated The Artificer’s mountain stronghold, snuck past her guards, and ambushed her on the catwalks above the golem foundry. Before her guardians had a chance to react, The Artificer was plucked from the catwalk by Dreeta in the form of a giant invisible owl and tormented by monkeys and power ballads before being decapitated by Doran. The grateful, and somewhat confused, populace of Doloth was set free from the torments of the golem army.

Back at Deephome, the party was surprised when Baldrick convened a meeting of the Inquisitor’s Council in order to vote Amastacia out of power. The vote succeeded by a narrow margin, and Baldrick put forth an even more surprising new candidate: Joyuka, whose time wielding the Book of Condemnation had made her a worthy candidate in his eyes. A combination of respect and desperation drove the rest of the council to join Baldrick in electing Ooka the new High Inquisitor, and she took the title just in time to lead the Inquisition into battle against Nax. Shortly thereafter, the Shardrunner arrived, bearing Nina Barron, Ronan Torlukk, and a large delegation of warriors and adventurers from Ooka’s homeland including her oni-possessed sister, Kimiko. As the leaders of the mighty armies discussed strategy, Eliza came forward with a new proposal: cripple the Elven Legion by assassinating the Hierarch.


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