Long Live the Hierarch

The party gets involved in local politics

Hierarch eliza2

With the help of Matheson, the party infiltrated the Elven Capitol, Ielenia Triumphant, and made contact with the resistance. The militarized Elven drudges were led by Eliza’s sister, Diana, and supplied with weapons by none other than necromancer-turned-smuggler-turned-jewel thief-turned-punching bag-turned-smuggler again, Nelven Dworden. Diana revealed that her forces had been planning a concerted assault against the Elven government, and that they expected the Hierarch to flee to his hidden stronghold when it began, making him a perfect target for assassination. The party was tasked with infiltrating the stronghold and killing the Hierarch. With some urging from Eabha, Eliza was convinced to become interim Hierarch to facilitate the goals of the resistance.

When the time came, the party burst through into Eustacius’s hidden chamber and confronted him. The Hierarch put up a fierce battle alongside his personal bodyguards Kruger and Bella the Butcher, but all three of them were felled and Eliza was selected as the new Hierarch by The Judge, an ancient elf tasked with overseeing the transitions in power that often beset the Elven Empire. After she had consolidated her power, Eliza pledged the might of the Elven Legion to helping the party defeat Nax.

On their way back to meet up with their forces, the party stopped to observe the Marnish cavalry breach the wall into Garrick with the help of The Alchemist and a magically augmented Cubert.


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