Torunn border town


“Gotta be tough as nails to eke out a living here. The days are long, the work’s backbreaking, and the sun’s always beating down on you. But there’s no Merchants’ Council, no Inquisition, no petty nobles and tyrants. It’s worth it and then some. -Eran Vult


Capitol: Bastion
Ruling Body: Town Mayors
Economic Base: Cattle
Military Strength: 10,000 foot, 500 cavalry

History + Culture

Torunn was founded as a bastion against the orcish horde after their invasion of Garrick. Settled largely by veterans of that war and dwarves seeking freedom from the oppressiveness of the Dwarven Union, the province quickly earned a reputation as a rowdy and untamed land full of criminals and crazy people. In reality, the people of Torunn are fiercely independent, dedicated to making a home in the arid and inhospitable lands they call their own. They keep orcish raiders out of the more civilized parts of the world, and in return they are left alone.


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