0 AW
-The Sorcerer Wars end with the death of Cobb. The remnant of the Imperium withdraws and regroups in the mountains of Doloth.

42 AW
-The Unity Compact is signed, cementing peace between the Human Nations, the Elven Empire, and the Dwarven League.

67 AW
-An alliance of humans and elves drives the orcish horde out of the fertile lowlands and into the wastes. The nation of Garrick is formed on the land that is claimed.

136 AW
-The Inquisition is founded by Saint Rhialla.

145 AW
-Under the leadership of Khan Mazan Skycaller, the orcish horde invades Garrick, smashing the army and driving a mass of refugees east.

150 AW
-Rhialla is murdered while attempting to broker peace with the orcs.

175 AW
-Mazan Skycaller is killed by a party of adventurers. Aust Amastacia seizes control of the Inquisition and drives the horde back into the wastes.

203 AW
-The nation of Marn is founded by refugees from the orcish invasion.

225 AW
-The War of Three Nations breaks out between Garrick, Doloth, and Marn.

227 AW
-Marn repels the invasion of Garrick and Doloth. Nina Barron is elected Magistrate.

230 AW
-The town of Goodhearth is sacked by goblin raiders.


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