The Ark

The ark 6

“For generations, people have looked to the heavens to save them from the ravages of magic. With this ship, their prayers have finally been answered.” -Aust Amastacia, Speech at the Christening of the Ark

Commissioned by High Inquisitor Aust Amastacia and built by the dwarves under the guidance of master engineer Nicolai Blastonovic, the Ark is a floating fortress built to house every wizard and sorcerer the Inquisition manages to capture alive. The warship is divided into three sections. On top is the High Inquisitor’s command center along with quarters for a battalion of mage hunters charged with keeping the peace among the prisoners. In the middle is the hold, where prisoners who are well-behaved or who turned themselves in willingly are kept in relatively humane conditions, with access to good food and entertainment and some freedom to wander their section of the ship. Below that is the section the prisoners have come to refer to as the bilge. Built into the ship’s underbelly, the bilge contains the massive magical turbines that keep the Ark afloat. It’s also where ill-behaved or particularly dangerous prisoners are stored, and their treatment is significantly more severe, with limited rations, long work details, and the danger of violence at the hands of their fellow prisoners.

Every prisoner is fitted with a control collar that saps their magical ability and uses it to fuel the ship’s complex systems. Since the Ark first rose from the dry docks, a prisoner has never managed to escape from it; even if someone managed to evade the state-of-the-art security systems, the only freedom they would find would be a quick death at the end of a long drop.

The Ark

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