Memorial Wall

Julius Melusine

Loving Father. Devoted Husband. Fought to his last breath for his daughter.

The Laughing Man

Gnome anarchist. Executed for crimes against Marn.

Sub-Hierarch Marcus Valerius

Hey girl, I got somethin’ real special I wanna give you. (It’s a head in a box).

Lord Gunther Rathbone and Lady Estrella DeMarque

Played the game, but not quite well enough. Assassinated by Nax on the orders of Daved Lusker.


World-class butler, master assassin. A platoon of Garrick soldiers learned the latter part the hard way before he fell.


Died with honor on the battlefield, befitting a warrior of his caliber.

Vrag Torlukk

Fulfilled his purpose and guided Feng Vola to her destiny. Dwells in the Garden of the Giants now.

Lord Daved Lusker

Self-proclaimed King of Garrick, smashed into a pulp by a golem while attempting to escape in his carriage. It’s generally agreed that he had it coming.

Lady Anastasia Grey

Died several times before. This time it took.

Hierarch Gaius Eustacius

A ruthless and treacherous politician, he picked the wrong side and underestimated the wrong adventurers.

Memorial Wall

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