Marnish town


“This is a good land. These are good people. I watched thousands of them die for your wealth and your pride. Time to return the favor.” Nina Barron, just before beheading the previous Lord Protector of Marn


Capitol: Marn
Ruling Body: Elected Magistrate
Economic Base: Agriculture + Timber
Military Strength: 20,000 foot, 1,000 cavalry (Outriders)


Marn is the youngest human nation, founded just forty-eight years ago by settlers looking to escape the tyranny of the Merchants’ Council of Garrick. The land was harsh and untamed, roamed by abominations from the nearby Imperium Capitol, but the settlers were hardy people and in only a few decades they managed to carve out a small but prosperous nation of their own. Unfortunately, their success drew the attention of opportunistic minor merchants from Garrick, who came to Marn with gold and mercenaries and wrested control from the people by persuasion and by force. These merchant princes rigged the elections to install a Magistrate friendly to their interests, and Marn was soon just as much under the heel of the wealthy as Garrick had been.

The Merchants’ Council back in Garrick, upset that they were not benefitting from this newfound prosperity, soon declared Marn a part of Garrick, which led to Doloth claiming it as well. In 210 AW war broke out between the three nations, with the Merchant Princes of Marn conscripting a large number of farmers and workers into service and appointing their mercenary captains to lead the army. Due to their mismanagement the first ten years of the war were disastrous, and the only thing keeping the Marnish army from being utterly destroyed was the fact that Garrick and Doloth were too preoccupied with each other.

In 220 AW the Merchant Princes hired a mercenary captain who had recently returned from skirmishing with orcish war parties on the border of Torunn. Nina Barron was a brilliant tactician and fierce warrior who had built up an impressive reputation leading her regiment of armored cavalry to victory after victory. When she demonstrated her abilities by saving the Marnish army from being entirely wiped out in the Battle of Grey Gulch, she was quickly put in charge of the entire force. She pulled victory from the jaws of defeat again and again, culminating in the Battle of the Wall, when by breaking a hole in the wall that protected Marn from its enemies, she lured the armies of Garrick and Doloth into a pitched battle with each other, then crushed them both with an armored charge. Cowed by her prowess, the two great nations quickly declared peace, and Marn’s independence was won.

Barron had become close with the troops that she had led through the war, and decided to remain in Marn to help rebuild. When another election came around, despite the best efforts of the Merchant Princes, Nina was elected Magistrate by an overwhelming majority. The Merchant Princes opposed the transfer of power, and sent troops to the Magistrate’s Palace to forcibly reinstall the previous Magistrate. Nina Barron personally emerged from the palace to meet them, and beheaded the prior magistrate for treason in front of all who were gathered. The Merchant Princes decided not to press the issue. Nina Barron has been re-elected as Magistrate every year since.


Marn is a nation of farmers, hunters, fishermen, and craftsmen, living off the land and always wary of the dangers that surround them. It is ruled by an elected Magistrate, and by the Merchant Princes who control trade and commerce. Order is kept by Nina Barron’s Outriders, armored knights who patrol the roads keeping the peace and serving as both protectors and officers of the law.


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