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After the war, the true battle begins…


Two hundred and thirty years have passed since the Sorcerer Wars raged, sundering the planet and killing billions. Slowly but surely, mankind has risen from the ashes, rebuilding and expanding while occasionally coming into conflict with the Elves in their mighty mountain fortresses and the Dwarves in their floating cities. Looming over it all is the Inquisition, a powerful religious faction dedicated to preventing another magical calamity from consuming mankind. But just when peace appears to be within reach, a band of goblins descends upon a small farming village on the outskirts of civilization, with orders to find and capture a particular girl. This seemingly isolated act of violence could be the spark that plunges the entire world back into war, a war from which it may never again recover.

The World of Shard

Humankind was driven nearly to extinction by the horrors unleashed during the Sorcerer Wars. They survived only by taking refuge in the harsh mountains of what would later become Doloth, the first nation. Once they had recovered some of their strength, they pushed out into the fertile plains to the west, building and fortifying cities and eventually founding the nation of Garrick, the economic center and breadbasket of the budding civilization. As Garrick grew too crowded, settlers moved east, onto the peninsula that would become the hotly contested nation of Marn, and west, into the rugged badlands of Torunn. Some have even been bold enough to found small settlements in the wild southern jungles of Kreer, though many of those who attempt to do so are never heard from again.

To the north are the Elven Territories, spanning the vast swath of land between the human nations and the Edge of the World. The cities of the Dwarven Union go where they like, making anchorage in the territories of their allies to trade and then disappearing into the clouds when trouble begins. West of the human nations are the seemingly endless Wastes, home to Orcs and all other manner of monsters driven out when the humans sought to reclaim their land in the aftermath of the Sorcerer Wars.


The Human Nations:

The Elven Empire

The Dwarven Union

The Halfling Tribes

The Gnomish Remnant

The Orcish Horde




Two Rivers

Old Doloth

The Ark

Famous Adventurers

The Three

The Doomed

Kieyanna’s Bane

The Khanslayers

The Old Guard

The Survivors of Goodhearth


Memorial Wall

The Pentasoul Cycle

As the four ancient heroes defeated the Sorcerer Cobb, he crafted a spell to bind his soul to this world so that he could return to finish his work. But the unpredictable magic he had awoken amplified the spell and bound the souls of the five of them together, forcing them to return to this world and act out their conflict again and again until the cycle could somehow be broken.

The Soldier

The Seeker

The Savage

The Devout

The Destroyer



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