“Let the other peoples build their cities high and spread their armies across the land. They are as stone, strong and proud but brittle and unyielding. We are as water. When their cities have crumbled and their armies have returned to the earth, we will still be here.” -Halfling Elder

For as long as history has been recorded, the Halfling tribes have wandered the plains and forests from the eastern coast to the edge of the Wastes, living in harmony with the land in their cities of tents and lean-tos. Most consider them a harmless people, subsisting mainly on hunting and gathering while trading with the other nations or hiring themselves out as farmhands when the need arises, and so they are allowed to come and go within the borders of the various nations in peace. However, behind their easygoing and pacifistic nature, the Halfling tribes are strong as steel, and willing to fight and die for their beliefs. When the humans retreated northward in the face of the brutal beasts unleashed during the Sorcerer Wars, the Halflings remained and tended their ancestral lands, using their superior knowledge of druidic magic to fight off and sometimes even tame the monsters. They are also the only people to stand strong against the Inquisition, bearing the brunt of its wrath for their Gnomish brethren and eventually shaming it into retreat. There are rumors that a particularly feral tribe of Halflings has even managed to grow and prosper in Kreer, a feat unimaginable to most other peoples.

The Halflings are nomads by tradition and by choice, setting up camp in an area for a few weeks at a time and then moving on before the fish and game have been exhausted. They have no rulers, though a council of elders helps to organize defense and mediate disputes. Halflings pay their reverence to the mother earth, and there is a strong tradition of druidic magic among their people, particularly focused upon healing and the nurturing of plant life. However, a very few halfling druids develop a tie to the more feral side of their calling, and come to resemble the hunters rather than the herd. These predator druids, while skilled warriors, are generally shunned from halfling society, since their fierce nature is in direct contradiction with the Halflings’ peaceful ways.


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