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“Careful going into business in Garrick, my boy. Your silos and coffers will always be full, but you’ll never sleep with both eyes closed again.” -Lord Gunter Rathbone


Capitol: Two Rivers
Ruling Body: The Hundred
Economic Base: Agriculture + Trade
Military Strength: 170,000 foot, 10,000 cavalry


The lowlands of Garrick were once the most populous region of the old Imperium, before magic run amok during the war blighted the plains so severely that not even a blade of grass could grow there. The few surviving farmers retreated to Doloth, lamenting the death of their once green and verdant homeland.

Then forty years after the war, a miracle occurred. Life returned to the plain of Garrick, spreading across the blighted land like wildfire. Those who had tired of the harsh life in Doloth emigrated back to the plains, settling down and cultivating the land again. The town of Two Rivers was founded at the intersection of the Coldrun and Dundale rivers, where grain could be processed and shipped across the land, and soon it grew into a city which surpassed even Old Doloth in greatness. Cunning merchants grew wealthy and fat off of trade, and soon Garrick separated from Doloth and became a great nation of its own, under the governance of the Merchants’ Council.

Disaster struck Garrick in 143 AW in the form of a massive horde of orcs invading from the western wastes. Led by the half-orc sorceress Mazon Skycaller, the horde poured across the indefensible plains, burning and killing everything in sight. Doloth, jealous of Garrick’s economic ascendancy, sent no help, and the Garrick army was routed in the Battle of the Bloody Fields. A peace delegation led by Saint Rhialla, founder of the Inquisition, was brutally slaughtered and sent back in pieces, and the war raged on for thirty-two years. Finally, a small band of mercenaries managed to infiltrate the Orcish lines and kill Mazon, flinging the horde into disarray. At this point, a splinter faction of the Inquisition, led by young cleric Aust Amastacia, rode out to meet the orcs in battle and despite being vastly outnumbered defeated them and drove them back into the wastes. Garrick was saved, and with the help of the Merchants’ Council Amastacia was raised up as the new High Inquisitor.

In 210 AW Garrick went to war with Doloth over claim to the new nation of Marn, and Marn was able to establish its independence by pitting the superior forces of the other two nations against each other. Many powerful merchants in Garrick are still bitter at the missed opportunity, and are plotting ways to lay claim to Marn once again.


Garrick is a prosperous agricultural state, with most of the farms having been bought out by wealthy merchants and converted into vast agrarian empires. With such a surplus of food, much of the economy has also been turned toward the production of luxury goods, which are sold throughout the known world and help pour even more gold into the coffers of the merchants. Garrick is governed by the Hundred, a body of the richest merchants in the nation, where wealth corresponds directly to political power. It is regarded by most as a den of vipers, where allegiances are constantly shifting and anyone would gladly stab his brother in the back to advance two ranks in the voting rolls.


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