Nina Barron assigned the remnant of the Outriders to help rebuild Garrick and Doloth in the aftermath of Nax’s occupation. A great deal of goodwill developed between the three nations in that time, and when they eventually came together as the United Eastern Kingdoms Nina was elected as the first Prime Minister. Under her human civilization was guided into a new era of peace and prosperity.

Ronan Torlukk returned to the Wastes with the Orcish Horde to lead his clan. He served at Khan Dreeta’s side while she founded the Volan Republic, and was instrumental in keeping the clans in line during the incorporation of the halfling tribes. Ronan led war parties against incursions from the Crescent, and was eventually felled in battle and joined his brother in the Garden of the Giants.

Eliza Secunda quickly consolidated her control of the Elven Empire with the help of the massed support of the drudges, to whom she granted full citizenship. Under her command the Empire was transformed from an atrophying relic to the center of scientific and technological progress throughout the Eastern Kingdoms. Her close friendships with the Heroes of Marn helped to cement peace between the Elven Empire, the Eastern Kingdoms, and the Volan Republic.

Dagmar opened a successful tavern in Ellsport and soon made quite a name for herself throughout the eastern kingdoms as a purveyor of fine brews. After retiring from the Dwarven Special Forces, Frygn and Fraegn took jobs as bartenders at Dagmars, where they bickered constantly over the names of women the two of them had known.

Bernard rejoined the dragons to spend his life contemplating the infinite, though he did occasionally pop by to dispense cryptic wisdom and enjoy some pie.

The Golem wandered aimlessly about the countryside until it finally found the party again. It was later put to work constructing the Melusine Academy, and remained there as its silent guardian.

Sergeant Elias Matheson was killed when the Shardrunner crashed to earth during the Battle of the Tower. He was given a funeral with full military honors back in Marn, and a park was built in his honor in the square across from the magistrate’s palace.

Diana Secunda, leader of the elvish resistance, fought alongside her people at the Battle of the Tower. She led a vanguard of the legion into the heart of the Garrick army, and was cut down by enemy spellfire feet from the walls of Nax’s fortress. Her remains were returned to her sister, Hierarch Eliza Secunda.

Nelven Dworden was forever changed by the loss of Diana. Blaming his own cowardice for her death, he became one of her sister’s most fervent supporters, ferreting out the plans of her enemies and slaughtering them in cold blood. To this day he fights in the name of his lost love against all who would challenge the rule of the Hierarch.

The Alchemist received a generous grant from Hierarch Eliza to implement his cube-based transportation network throughout the Elven Empire. His research was moved to a state-of-the-art laboratory in elven territory, a safe distance from any populated area.

Kimiko disappeared shortly after the Battle of the Tower. Rumors soon spread that a beautiful foreign woman had taken advantage of the ensuing chaos to found a criminal empire with the help of strange and horrifying creatures never before seen on this side of the ocean.

Nicolai Blastonovic was finally able to retire in peace from his life as both an inventor and an adventurer. This lasted all of three days before he grew bored and went to work designing and building the floating fortresses that would be used to cleanse the world’s oceans of the Old Imperium’s pollution.

Lissa Marie spent a few years travelling with her best friend Catherine, then returned to the rugged plains of Torunn to join the council assembled by Khan Dreeta to merge the Orcish Clans and the Halfling Tribes.

Having finally avenged his mother’s death by defeating Nax, Red Mask returned to his people and served Khan Dreeta loyally in her efforts to found the Volan Republic, putting his skills as a spy and saboteur to excellent use.

Roland Taverner bought himself a new ship with the riches showered upon him in the aftermath of the Battle of the Tower, and took to the Gulf of Marn as a pirate captain once again.

Catherine Melusine decided that nearly a decade of spending every waking moment preventing the world from collapsing in on itself had fulfilled her obligation to society, and went on permanent vacation, travelling the world with her friends and family and spending as much time with her daughter as possible.

Aust Amastacia was found in the ruins of Cobb’s tower, driven mad by the lifetimes of grief that had been brought crashing down upon him when the tower’s timelines were disrupted. He currently resides in a garden estate in northern Garrick under the care of Baldrick, who hopes that with time his old friend’s sanity might be restored.

While Nax could never truly be destroyed, his power was diminished to the extent that all he could manifest was the form of a human man with no memory of any of his previous deeds or ambitions. The man who was once the being known as Nax now lives a peaceful life under the watchful eyes of the Inquisition, who are eternally vigilant should any sign the creature’s former evil stir behind those sad eyes.


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