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The Sack of Goodhearth
From the ashes of tragedy, new heroes emerge

Goodhearth 2
On a day much like any other, a farming village on the outskirts of Marn called Goodhearth is attacked by goblin raiders. At the last request of a dying man, Doran, the village blacksmith, and Dreeta, a druid from the nearby forest, team up with a dwarven brewer to rescue a young girl who’s been kidnapped by the goblins. They successfully free Eabha Melusine from the abandoned lighthouse where she is being held captive, and find a note indicating that the goblins were hired by someone to kidnap Eabha and burn down the village.

Night of the Living Undead
Sometimes evil is just stupid in disguise

Drury mill
The party makes their way north to the village of Drury Mill, where they find that the outriders who normally patrol the roads are nowhere to be found and the village is besieged by a plague of undead. Following a lead from the mayor’s daughter, the party tracks the walking corpses out of the village, where they discover that the “necromancer” responsible is Nelven Dworden, ne’er-do-well apprentice to the local cleric who has organized the entire thing as a scam to steal from the local merchants and shirk his responsibilities. The party journeys on, with slightly less faith in humanity.

Masks and Questions
One step forward, two steps back...


Evading a band of Inquisitors, the party makes their way into the small hub city of Midlund, looking for leads as to who was responsible for the raid on Goodhearth. They are invited to meet with the mysterious information broker Red Mask, who offers to help them if they retrieve a historical codex from a ruin downriver for him. At the docks, Doran is reunited with his old war buddy Matheson, who’s working as a smuggler and who has been hired by Red Mask to take the party downstream.

The Ancient Guardians
Ancient treasures lead to new mysteries

The guardians

En route to Ellsport, the party stops off at the site of an ancient Imperium ruin in order to retrieve a valuable historical codex for Red Mask. At the cave entrance the party is forced to fight three guardians, ancient orc warriors given eternal life by the wizards in order to protect the dungeon from intruders. The party defeats the three guardians, and with his dying breath one of them says the words “Feng vola.” to Dreeta, a phrase which the party does not understand but which seems very meaningful to the dying orc.

Venturing down a harrowing magical elevator into the passages below, the party finds a well-appointed foyer leading into a dining room and library that seem untouched by the passage of time. They discover the codex alongside a dead wizard, whose ring Eabha puts on. It seems to transport her into another body, somewhere in the snowy mountains. As the party leaves, they are attacked by an animate chandelier left to watch over the treasures, but manage to escape up the elevator and return to the ship, loot in hand.

The Trail of the Laughing Man
Slavers, ogrekin, and seriously suspect cuisine


The party arrives in Ellsport and questions the harbormaster as to the location of the ship that attacked their village. He is unable to help them, and so following a tip from Matheson they head to The Leaky Bucket, a disreputable tavern built inside of a capsized ship.

Unknown to the party, the harbormaster is in The Laughing Man’s pocket, and he informs the slavers that someone is looking for them. While the party is questioning a local lowlife as to the slaveship’s location, a pair of pirates from the Darkspear release an ogrekin named Tiny into the bar to deal with the party. After watching the party dispatch Tiny, the lowlife quickly gives them the location of the Darkspear.

The party boards the ship, and threatens the captain into giving them further information regarding the Laughing Man. However, the first mate betrays and kills the captain before lighting the ship ablaze, and the party is forced to fight their way free of the burning ship. Having dispatched the slavers, the party has Matheson book them passage to Marn.

Dwarven Diplomacy
Dwarves can make for dangerous allies

Garrick harbor

Arriving at Marn, the party finds that access to the city has been blocked off due to a recent attack on the ruling magistrate, Nina Barron. Doran runs into an old friend at a nearby dwarven blacksmith, who arranges a meeting with a member of the Dwarven Intelligence Force on one of the dwarves’ nearby airships. There, the party strikes a deal with the dwarves that they will be helped into the city in return for aiding the dwarves in a clandestine mission of their own.

Last Voyage of the Meridian
An ancient evil, hidden beneath the waves

The meridian
Teaming up with Dwarven Intelligence Operatives Frygn and Fraegn, the party is airdropped onto The Meridian, a dwarven science vessel that had recently lost contact with the mainland. On deck they fight a group of dwarven sailors who have reanimated as undead atrocities. Venturing belowdeck, they encounter a locathah hunting party seeking the source of the evil that has polluted their waters. Eabha, who has acquired the ability to speak with sea creatures due to her ill-advised decision to eat a fish from a street vendor in Ellsport, manages to make peace with the locathah, who depart.

In the ship’s underbelly, the party fight their way past more undead monstrosities, and in the process discover from the captain’s journal that the vessel apparently raised an ancient artifact from the sea floor which seems to have been responsible for the evil that befell them. The artifact turns out to have been an adamantine slab that had been imprisoning an ancient lich, Anastasia Grey, who the dwarves in their recklessness managed to set free.

The party confronts Anastasia and her undead kraken servant, both of whom prove to be incredibly formidable. Doran is critically injured by the lich, and seeing her fallen comrade unleashes some new power inside of Eabha. She summons a terrifyingly powerful being from some nether realm, which destroys the lich with a single blow. However, as the party is brought back to Marn, nothing can seem to be done to rouse Doran.

Doran Smith
To save a fallen friend, Eabha and Dreeta risk everything on a journey into the past

The scarecrow
The dwarves deposit the party back in Marn, and Eabha and Dreeta go in search of a way to save Doran from the brink of death. Eventually, they track down an ancient Orc druid living in the sewers of Marn, who claims he can save Doran by sending the two of them into his mind to rescue him from the nightmare in which he is trapped. The two of them agree to take the risk, and are transported into Doran’s past.

They first encounter Doran on the battlefield, and see the horrors of war to which he was exposed as a young man. Journeying further into his subconscious, they encounter the scarecrow which frightened him as a young boy, and remained forever tied to the memory of his abusive father. They defeat the scarecrow and finally find their way to the root of Doran’s nightmare, his simultaneous fear of and fascination with fire. Defeating the fire spirit that has been tormenting him, Doran catches a brief glance into the forge at the center of his mind, where he sees a mysterious woman wreathed in flames. Having freed him from the nightmare, the three of them regain consciousness in the waking world, where the old druid gives Dreeta an eagle feather and tells her that their paths will cross again.

The Assassination of Nina Barron
A fallen hero requests the party's aid


With Doran recovered from his brush with death, the party sets about attempting to arrange a meeting with Nina Barron. Her second-in-command Krusk brusquely dismisses them, but with a bit of help from her horse they manage to find a back way into the palace and into her chambers, where she is bedridden. Recognizing the party’s courage and potential, Nina asks them to journey into the Old Imperium Capitol in hopes of finding a cure from the poison that is wasting away at her. She arranges passage for them back to Ellsport, and sends them away with her blessing.


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