The High Inquisitor
The party's enemies reveal themselves

Lusker s estate

Captured by the army of Garrick, the party is escorted to the summer estate of now-king Daved Lusker. There, they are confronted by Lusker himself, who threatens Eabha’s friends in an attempt to ensure her cooperation. He is interrupted by Nax, who reveals himself to be the creature pulled through Cobb’s portal, who has been working ever since to find a way back home. He offers to make all of Eabha’s dreams come true in exchange for her help in opening the portal again. He gives the party a night to consider the offer. However, the estate is attacked by an Inquisitorial Drop Team led by Aust Amastacia himself, and Amastacia’s powerful magic allows him to overpower the party and take Eabha. The party is saved from Lusker’s soldiers and the Inquisitorial forces by the timely arrival of The Golem, and in a fury Doran takes control of it and chases down a fleeing Lusker, whom he smashes into a pulp. The three remaining party members board the golem and set off to rescue Eabha.

The Tower
A journey into the past reveals the truth

Cobb 2
As the army of Garrick bore down upon them, the party entered Cobb’s tower in search of answers. While at first they were puzzled by its strange architecture, they soon learned that the tower’s doors took them to various places and times throughout the world. They traveled to the beach where Joyuka first made landfall, the tavern where Eran Vult was assassinated, the site of Longwalker‘s betrayal and death, the battle between Kieyenna and Tess the Exile, the cave of Yamyra, and finally to Cobb’s childhood home where they witnessed the death of the boy’s mother and the advent of his powers. They finally found their way to the top of the tower, where they discovered that through a spell gone wrong he had bound the souls of himself and all of his enemies together into an endless cycle of reincarnation. They also witnessed a creature born from the portal that Cobb had opened, which escaped out into the world. Leaving the tower, they were detained by the Garrick army, and taken away to meet with Lord Daved Lusker.

Feng Vola
Among the orcs, Dreeta makes a shocking discovery

The pit

The party arrives at the base of Cobb’s tower, where they find that a large band of half-orcs has set up camp. They are welcomed, and taken to their leader, the massive warchief Scar, who informs them that they will be tested before they enter the tower. He also gives them Joyuka, who he claims will serve as their fourth companion; though she is nonplussed at first, she acclimates to the idea surprisingly quickly.
At the Pit, the party learns that Dreeta will be forced to fight a massive dire bear in order to prove herself to the orcs. The bear is not what it seems, however, and the fight quickly turns into a duel of druids, with Dreeta emerging victorious. The other druid reveals himself to be Vrag Torlukk, whom they had previously met in the sewers below Marn, and declares Dreeta the reincarnation of Feng Vola. He explains to the party that Feng Vola is a hero who betrayed Cobb and helped to set the Orcish people free. In the ensuing party, Eabha and Ooka get rather sauced together, much to Doran’s consternation.

The Dragon Below

Dragon s lair 2

Pendlebury awakened the party in the middle of the night, warning them that Lusker had assassinated his political rivals and taken control of the city, and was now doing battle with Inquisition forces in the streets. He led the party to an entrance to the city sewers, and they fled through the tunnels beneath Two Rivers. After Eliza separated from them to throw off the pursuers, they became horribly turned around and end up running into Bors, who offers Eabha one last chance to turn herself in safely to the Inquisition. She refuses, and Bors is paralyzed and bound and gagged.

The party reaches a dead-end, but hear an underground river behind the wall. Doran smashes through the wall, and to evade their pursuers the party climbs into the river. However, the current drags them under and they knocked unconscious by the cave walls. They come to on an underground beach, and follow a tunnel to a bridge guarded by a sphinx. The sphinx toys with them and threatens to eat them, but eventually lets them pass on orders from its master. They emerge into a massive chamber, where scenes play out again and again in thousands of alcoves all around the chamber. A massive skeletal dragon arises from below to greet them.

The dragon is Iros, an absent-minded serpent who seems to have accidentally died while he was sleeping. He seems to recognize Bernard, though not in his current body, and he treats the party to his odd brand of hospitality. He drops many cryptic hints suggesting that things are not as the party believes them to be, and eventually releases them out into the world again, within sight of Cobb’s tower.

The Masquerade
True danger hides behind masks and pretty dresses

Lord rathbone s mansion
The party is taken from the docks to the masquerade by a boatman dressed as a jester. There, they are serenaded by a clumsy jester named Nevlen Nedrowd, and introduced to the major powers in Garrick politics, including their host, Lord Gunter Rathbone; his chief rival, Lady Estrella Lemarque; and Lord Daved Lusker and his nephew, Nax. Eabha is invited to wander the gardens with a charming young lordling dressed as a serpent, but is warned off by the bard. Instead, she accepts a dance with Nax, who proves to be charming and friendly.

The party is interrupted when the lordling who had attempted to charm Eabha is found in the garden with his throat slashed, with a number of poisoning supplies on his person. There is further chaos when it is discovered that a valuable necklace of Rathbone’s has been stolen, and shortly thereafter the Inquisition’s flagship appears in the skies over the estate. As the party departs, they notice a figure fleeing across the river, whom the boatman claims must be the famed thief The Grey Squirrel.

Later, Eabha receives a gift, which turns out to be the severed head of Marcus Valerius, sub-hierarch of Stallions Charging. They are shortly thereafter reunited with Eliza, who takes them to an inn where they meet the boatman from the party, who turns out to be elven hierarch Gaius Eustacius. He informs them that he has been protecting Eabha, since Aust Amastacia, his chief rival for power among the elven people, seems to want her. He assigns Eliza to look after Eabha and make sure that she does not fall into Amastacia’s hands.

Two Rivers
New country, new dangers

Two rivers 6
Eabha, Doran, Dreeta, and Bernard are appointed as the official Marnish delegation to Garrick by Nina Barron. In secret, their mission is to learn more about Lord Daved Lusker, the man responsible for the attempt on Magistrate Barron’s life, and if possible put a stop to his plans. The party journeys to Two Rivers by boat with a contingent of Marnish soldiers, and takes up residence in a manor in the center of town reserved for diplomatic parties.

The party quickly learns the lay of the land from their butler, Pendlebury, and receives an invitation to an important ball occurring later that week. They are also contacted by Red Mask, and sneak out to meet him, though not before Pendlebury forces Eabha to don her skulking bonnet. Red Mask informs them of the ins and outs of Garrick politics, and warns them that Lusker is not a man to be taken lightly. The party then prepares for the masquerade, hoping to find some answers there.

Chapter 1 Epilogue

Marn 2
In the aftermath of the battle, the Merchant Princes involved in the insurrection are executed. Nina Barron grants the holdings and title of the wealthiest of them to Eabha, making her officially a Merchant Princess of Marn.

For his service to the Magistracy, Doran is promoted and personally awarded high honors by Nina Barron.

Dreeta is appointed gamekeeper of Marn, with charge over all of its natural resources.

As Bernard’s reputation spreads, he is contacted by another seer, who passes on a cryptic message from a higher power.

In Service to Marn
The party puts an end to The Laughing Man's games once and for all

Marn in flames
Upon their return, the party finds Marn in flames. Much of the regular army has been locked out of the city by the Merchant Princes, who are in open rebellion against Magistrate Barron. With the help of their dwarven friends, the party crosses the city walls, and makes their way to the palace, where Krusk and the other outriders are doing battle with the forces of the Merchant Princes. Krusk and his troops hold up the enemy forces long enough for the party to gain access to the palace.

Inside, they find The Laughing Man, who has organized the entire insurrection in order to bring Marn to its knees. After defeating him they do battle with Nina’s assassin, a strange creature with mystical powers unlike any they have seen before. They destroy the creature and bring the panacea to Nina, who recovers in time to lead her troops in retaking the city and putting an end to the treachery of the Merchant Princes.

The Alchemist
The cure is discovered, along with a strange new pet

The nexus
The party makes their way through the Nexus at the heart of the Old Imperium capitol, navigating fiendish traps, man-eating plants, and owlbears. They eventually arrive at the central building, where they find a strange and disturbing contraption that welcomes them and shows them to the lair of the Alchemist.

The Alchemist is in the throes of a chemically induced rage, and the party is forced to knock a bit of sense into him. When he comes to, he apologizes profusely, and agrees to help them create the panacea needed to cure Magistrate Barron. However, in order to properly charge the panacea, a person gifted with arcane abilities must carry it through the heart of the Nexus. Over Doran’s objections, Eabha passes through the Nexus with the panacea, filling it with magical energy. Somehow in this process she also acquires a new pet, a curious creature that she names Binx.

To help them along their way, The Alchemist allows them to borrow Cubert, his pet Gelatinous Cube who has been altered so as not to digest his occupants. The party makes their way quickly but somewhat slimily back toward Marn.

Old Imperium
A figure from Eabha's past illuminates the way forward.


The party ventures into the woods and eventually encounters the hermit they were told about, riding on the back of a giant hornet. The woman’s name is Lissa Marie, a ranger and former adventurer, and she takes them back to her dwelling for a spot of soup.

It soon becomes clear that Lissa is an old traveling companion and friend of Eabha’s mother, who in fact had visited Eabha and her parents when she was just a baby. While she has no idea where Eabha’s mother might have gone, she does help the party find their way to the Old Imperium Capitol, and tells the others to look after Eabha.

Arriving at the Capitol, the party follows one of the destroyed leylines toward the center of town. The city is eerily still, but strange noises can be heard emanating from many of the surrounding buildings, and the party resolves to get into and out of the town as quickly as possible.


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