The Tower
A journey into the past reveals the truth

Cobb 2
As the army of Garrick bore down upon them, the party entered Cobb’s tower in search of answers. While at first they were puzzled by its strange architecture, they soon learned that the tower’s doors took them to various places and times throughout the world. They traveled to the beach where Joyuka first made landfall, the tavern where Eran Vult was assassinated, the site of Longwalker‘s betrayal and death, the battle between Kieyenna and Tess the Exile, the cave of Yamyra, and finally to Cobb’s childhood home where they witnessed the death of the boy’s mother and the advent of his powers. They finally found their way to the top of the tower, where they discovered that through a spell gone wrong he had bound the souls of himself and all of his enemies together into an endless cycle of reincarnation. They also witnessed a creature born from the portal that Cobb had opened, which escaped out into the world. Leaving the tower, they were detained by the Garrick army, and taken away to meet with Lord Daved Lusker.

The High Inquisitor
The party's enemies reveal themselves

Lusker s estate

Captured by the army of Garrick, the party is escorted to the summer estate of now-king Daved Lusker. There, they are confronted by Lusker himself, who threatens Eabha’s friends in an attempt to ensure her cooperation. He is interrupted by Nax, who reveals himself to be the creature pulled through Cobb’s portal, who has been working ever since to find a way back home. He offers to make all of Eabha’s dreams come true in exchange for her help in opening the portal again. He gives the party a night to consider the offer. However, the estate is attacked by an Inquisitorial Drop Team led by Aust Amastacia himself, and Amastacia’s powerful magic allows him to overpower the party and take Eabha. The party is saved from Lusker’s soldiers and the Inquisitorial forces by the timely arrival of The Golem, and in a fury Doran takes control of it and chases down a fleeing Lusker, whom he smashes into a pulp. The three remaining party members board the golem and set off to rescue Eabha.

Chasing Eabha
Aid comes from unusual quarters as the party races to save Eabha from the Inquisition

Riding atop their newfound war golem, the party made a beeline for Marn, hoping to enlist Nina Barron’s help in saving Eabha from Amastacia. At the great wall between Garrick and Marn they were forced to leave the golem behind so that they could sneak across the border through the mercantile town of Trine. However, they found that the borders had been closed due to rumors of war between Garrick and Doloth. Lieutenant Bloodmoore, head of the town guard, was at first reluctant to issue them passage, but eventually was convinced, though the process would take a week. However, as they left the precinct, the party encountered Nelven Dworden, freshly arrested after his latest misadventure stealing a precious necklace from Lord Rathbone’s masquerade. Nelven pleaded with the party to spring him from the prison cell, but it turned out to be unnecessary; Bloodmoore eagerly let the party leave town on the condition that they take Nelven with them, and sent him on the way with one last parting gift.

A half-day’s ride south of Trine, the party encountered Nax waiting for them at a crossroads. While Doran attempted to ride him down, his attacks proved ineffectual. Nax proposed a deal; he would give them a spell capable of bringing down the Ark, and they would free Eabha from Amastacia’s clutches. Reluctantly the party agreed, but Nax’s deal proved to have unexpected consequences, as his spell turned Dreeta into a living bomb who would detonate if she could not disperse the magical energies contained within her into the Ark’s core.

Raiders of the Ark
The party attempts a daring break-in to rescue their friend from a fortress in the sky

Ark prison
With some dubious assistance from Nelven, the party managed to get themselves arrested as sorcerers and taken by the Inquisition to the massive floating prison, The Ark. There they met Nicolai Blastonovic, a former companion of Eabha’s mother and the brilliant designer of the Ark. Blastonovic knew that Eabha was aboard the Ark and after disabling the guards he showed the party access tunnels through which they could reach Amastacia’s chambers and rescue Eabha. The party infiltrated the chambers and battled Baldrick, Amastacia’s personal executioner, disabling him and tying him up before joyfully reuniting with Eabha.

Outside, they found that Blastonovic had created a full-fledged prison riot by releasing all of the prisoners from their cells. Along with Blastonovic they fought their way down to the Ark’s power core, and Dreeta transferred Nax’s spell into it, killing all power to the Ark. This disabled the prisoners’ collars and sent the Ark into a freefall, and while Blastonovic remained behind to deal with a band of dangerous magi from The Pit, the party escaped to the surface of the Ark and went airborne as the ship crashed into the mountains below, setting free countless magi and killing many others.

In the mountains of Doloth, Joyuka used her affinity with Yamyra to discover the Witch of Winter’s secret system of tunnels beneath the frozen peaks. As the party made camp there for the night, Dreeta went out hunting and encountered Eliza and The Golem, who had come to inform the party that the Elven Empire had joined forces with Garrick against The Inquisition. Nowhere in civilization was safe for them anymore.

Our heroes make a mad dash for safety as enemies converge all around them.

Sylvania s house
The party fled westward, hoping to escape the dual threats of Garrick and the Elven Empire before their path was closed off for good. As they made their way across the mountains that separated the two nations, they stopped in a small town to resupply and had a close call with a band of bounty hunters and a heavily-armed cadre of elven hunters seeking to bring them to the hierarch. Hoping to elude pursuit and perhaps find someone who could tutor Eabha in the ways of fae magic, they trekked into the Haunted Woods, closely pursued by the elven platoon. Before they were forced to battle their pursuers, the elves were destroyed by an unseen assailant wielding incredibly potent magics.
The party fled from the sinister force and encountered an old woman, Baba, walking in the woods. She offered them food and shelter for the night in return for help with her chores, but turned out to be a skilled and eccentric witch who gave each adventurer a powerful gift before sending them on their way again.

The Garden of the Giants
A journey into the Orcish Wastes leads to a stunning secret and sheds illumination on Dreeta's destiny.


Having fled civilized country for the rough frontier of Torunn, the party leaves Eliza and Humphries in a border town and sets out across the desert in search of orcs who can help Dreeta against Nax. Deep in the dunes they encounter Ronan Torlukk, who has been waiting for Dreeta and plans to take her before the orc chieftains and declare her the new khan. First though, he takes the party to the Garden of the Giants, a hidden valley in the heart of the desert where massive giants tend to their garden for their own inscrutable purposes. Ronan explains the orcish beliefs in reincarnation, and warns Dreeta that many will consider it blasphemy that she has been reincarnated from Feng Vola.

Ronan then leads the party to the city of the Stoneclimbers, where he takes Dreeta before the chieftains and declares her to be the reincarnation of Feng Vola. The chieftains are furious at this claim, but Dreeta convinces them to put forth a test of her claim, and they task her with delving into the cursed Tomb of the Khans and recovering a mask of war that will show her to be the true khan of the orc tribes.

The Tomb of the Khans
The party battles an ancient evil to secure Dreeta as the new Khan

Tomb of the khans
Accompanied by Ronan Torlukk and his finest warriors, the party journeyed to the Tomb of the Khans to root out the evil that had taken root there. First, they battled Khan Jhotan, a horrifying gluttonous ghoul who filled them with his own hunger for flesh before ambushing them. Finally, Jhotan was overcome, and Doran sliced him down the middle. Secondly, they battled Khan Qazri, a fiendish hunter who lured them into a chamber filled with traps and riddled them with javelins while his minions attacked. Jhotan was consumed in a pillar of fire summoned by Dreeta when he sunk one too many javelins into her beloved Whitney.

Third, the party faced Mazan Skycaller, third Khan and one of Eabha’s previous incarnations. Due to some quick thinking on the party of Doran and Dreeta, the “veiled lady”‘s control over Mazan was broken, and she gave Dreeta her blessing to save the orcish people. With the three Khans defeated, the seal on the ziggurat’s depths opened, and the party descended into darkness.

At the bottom of a deep pit, the party discovered a massive valley of bones ruled over by none other than the lich Anastasia Grey. Doran and Eabha were drawn into her clutches through powerful illusions, but Doran saw through her false image of Nina Barron and freed himself, lopping off her arm in the process. While Eabha fought her own friends, believing that she was defending her mother, the lich pelted the party with deadly magic. Finally, Ooka summoned the power of the Bellfly Hive and struck Grey with a single chord so powerful that it shattered her physical body. Doran, overcoming its protective magic, destroyed the lich’s phylactery and put an end to her once and for all.

With Grey defeated, Dreeta claimed the Mask of the Khans and emerged from the pyramid, where she was hailed as Khan Dreeta by Ronan and his men. The Orcish clans were quick to rally around their new Khan, and began preparations to march east. Before the clans had been gathered, an airship arrived bearing Roland Taverner and the rest of Catherine Melusine’s old adventuring party, and Eabha was told that it was time for her to be reunited with her mother.

The Shardmages/The Dragonsmeet
Eabha is reunited with her mother and the party seeks powerful new allies in the war against Nax

The shard runner
The party boarded the Shardrunner and made the journey beyond the edge of the world, into the broken shards of the northern hemisphere. Aboard, Eabha learned that her mother had been living with the Shardmages, a group of magi responsible for holding the world together after Cobb nearly destroyed it. The ship docked in the secret haven of the Shardmages, a town built on the inside of a floating rock, and Roland led Eabha into the temple to meet her mother. Inside, Eabha and Catherine were finally reunited after many long years apart.

After spending some time catching up with her daughter, Catherine revealed to the party that Nax was attempting to use the escaped prisoners from The Ark to re-open the portal to his world. If he were allowed to succeed, the energy that would spill forth would destroy what was left of Shard. Catherine had deduced that the only person with the power to permanently seal the portal was the person who opened it in the first place, and that therefore Eabha would have to journey one last time to the top of Cobb’s tower and use her magic to defeat Nax for good.

After resting, the party was awakened when an intruder was detected outside of the Shardmages’ compound. The party was surprised to discover Bernard, who had come as an envoy from the dragons. He invited Eabha and the party to come and plead their case before the dragons, who were attempting to determine whether they should interfere in the war against Nax. When the party assented, Bernard teleported them to Dragonsmeet, an island in the middle of the ocean where the five dragons had gathered.

After the party pled their case, the dragons adjourned to deliberate. Arlandria remained behind, and with her help Doran reforged the sword of Ielenia Longshadow into a powerful new blade for use against Nax. The dragons returned, and stated that their law against direct interference could not be broken even in the face of total obliteration. After apologizing, the dragon Ynu teleported the party off of the island again. They landed in the snow somewhere, and in the valley below saw the signs of a village under attack.

The Book of Condemnation
The party finds unlikely allies deep in the mountains, and Ooka takes on a new job

Golemworks 2

The party was deposited unceremoniously by the dragons high in the mountains of Doloth. They rushed to the aid of a town under attack by Nax’s mages and golems, and were surprised to find themselves fighting side-by-side with the Inquisition, who were in retreat after the fall of the Ark. With the loss of Amastacia, the Inquisitors had dedicated themselves to defending Doloth’s civilian population, but were fighting a losing battle against the golems being continuously produced by one of Nax’s most loyal minions, a wizard known only as The Artificer. At the hidden stronghold of Deephome, the party reunited with Nicolai and encountered Baldrick, whom they had defeated previously. Baldrick proposed an alliance between the Inquisition and the forces united against Nax, to be cemented by the party defeating The Artificer and giving the Inquisition a chance to move their forces into position.

With Nicolai’s help, the party infiltrated The Artificer’s mountain stronghold, snuck past her guards, and ambushed her on the catwalks above the golem foundry. Before her guardians had a chance to react, The Artificer was plucked from the catwalk by Dreeta in the form of a giant invisible owl and tormented by monkeys and power ballads before being decapitated by Doran. The grateful, and somewhat confused, populace of Doloth was set free from the torments of the golem army.

Back at Deephome, the party was surprised when Baldrick convened a meeting of the Inquisitor’s Council in order to vote Amastacia out of power. The vote succeeded by a narrow margin, and Baldrick put forth an even more surprising new candidate: Joyuka, whose time wielding the Book of Condemnation had made her a worthy candidate in his eyes. A combination of respect and desperation drove the rest of the council to join Baldrick in electing Ooka the new High Inquisitor, and she took the title just in time to lead the Inquisition into battle against Nax. Shortly thereafter, the Shardrunner arrived, bearing Nina Barron, Ronan Torlukk, and a large delegation of warriors and adventurers from Ooka’s homeland including her oni-possessed sister, Kimiko. As the leaders of the mighty armies discussed strategy, Eliza came forward with a new proposal: cripple the Elven Legion by assassinating the Hierarch.

Long Live the Hierarch
The party gets involved in local politics

Hierarch eliza2

With the help of Matheson, the party infiltrated the Elven Capitol, Ielenia Triumphant, and made contact with the resistance. The militarized Elven drudges were led by Eliza’s sister, Diana, and supplied with weapons by none other than necromancer-turned-smuggler-turned-jewel thief-turned-punching bag-turned-smuggler again, Nelven Dworden. Diana revealed that her forces had been planning a concerted assault against the Elven government, and that they expected the Hierarch to flee to his hidden stronghold when it began, making him a perfect target for assassination. The party was tasked with infiltrating the stronghold and killing the Hierarch. With some urging from Eabha, Eliza was convinced to become interim Hierarch to facilitate the goals of the resistance.

When the time came, the party burst through into Eustacius’s hidden chamber and confronted him. The Hierarch put up a fierce battle alongside his personal bodyguards Kruger and Bella the Butcher, but all three of them were felled and Eliza was selected as the new Hierarch by The Judge, an ancient elf tasked with overseeing the transitions in power that often beset the Elven Empire. After she had consolidated her power, Eliza pledged the might of the Elven Legion to helping the party defeat Nax.

On their way back to meet up with their forces, the party stopped to observe the Marnish cavalry breach the wall into Garrick with the help of The Alchemist and a magically augmented Cubert.


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