The Shardrunner

Sails the Skies Beyond the World


Built by a group of brilliant dwarven arcanists allied with the Shardmages, the Shardrunner is a marvel of the combined power of magic and engineering. Unlike the bulky iron airships used by the Dwarven Union and the Inquisition, the Shardrunner is more a work of art than of utility, a beautifully-crafter wooden ship that glides among the clouds. While its appearance is deceptively fragile, runes inscribed deep within its hull enable the magi who pilot it to channel powerful shielding spells through the entire ship, protecting it as it travels through to void of space at speeds no other ship can match.

The Shardrunner has had many captains in its two hundred years of operation. When the previous captain retires, the Shardmages have their agents find an able and trustworthy sailor to take over the operation of the vessel, and he is responsible for ferrying supplies and new recruits to their hidden shelter. The current captain of the Shardrunner is Roland Taverner, a former companion of the Shardmages’ current Archmagus, Catherine Melusine.

The Shardrunner

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