The Book of Condemnation

Cursed Tome of the Inquisition


Rhialla’s Shield: The Book of Condemnation acts to protect its host from any harm. It grants a +4 AC bonus as the Shield spell and gives its host SR equal to their level plus twelve. Any spell that fails to penetrate the SR is reflected back upon the caster.

Book of Names: The Book of Condemnation records the name and history of every spellcaster cataloged by the Inquisition. At will, the host can learn the direction and approximate distance of any name within the book, as well as any information the book has managed to obtain about that person.


Rhialla was a woman of extremely rare magical talent, one of the few throughout history who had learned to harness the powers of both divine and arcane magic. She drew upon all of that ability to craft the Book of Condemnation, a fearsome artifact intended to make its wielder nearly unstoppable when trying to apprehend rogue magi. The book acts as a shield against both physical and magical attacks, safeguarding the host it is bonded to and even reflecting spells back against their casters if they fail to breach its shield. Furthermore, the name of every magus who has fought against the Inquisition is recorded within the book, and the book’s host can locate and learn information about any of them simply by concentrating on the name.

However, Rhialla knew that such power should only be in the hands of those who would wield it to protect the innocent from the ravages of magic. The book creates a link with the mind of its host that grows in strength over time. Through that link, the host is given visions of the horrors visited upon innocent people by magic, both past and present. The host feels the pain of those who have had their lives destroyed by magic, and few can maintain a connection with the book for very long without it taking a toll on their sanity.

After Rhialla was ambushed and killed by the orcs, the book disappeared for decades, believed to be lost in the wastes. A young dwarven inquisitorial initiate, Baldrick, became obsessed with tales of the book, and set off with fellow initiate Aust Amastacia to attempt to find it and return it to the inquisition. The two of them were successful in their quest, but Baldrick returned from it a changed man, and has not spoken a word since.

The Book of Condemnation

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