Mask of the Khans

Ancient Relic of the Orcs



Rallying Cry of the Horde: With a tremendous bellow, the wearer of the mask casts the spell Rage on all allies within her line of sight.

Jhotan’s Fury: The wearer of the mask is under the effect of a permanent Frightful Aspect spell that can only be perceived by her enemies.

Qazri’s Versatility: The wearer of the mask can use her wildshape ability at will, and can partially shape any animal characteristic while maintaining her true form.

Stormcaller’s Wrath: Once per day, the wearer of the mask can cast the spell Storm of Vengeance


Created by Khan Jhotan when he rallied the orcish clans for the very first time, the Mask of the Khans is a sacred symbol of leadership among the orcs, known for choosing only the worthy to unite the otherwise fractious people. Each Khan who has worn the mask has left some fraction of their own power within it, so its strength grows each time that it is handed down. The Mask of the Khans is currently in the possession of Dreeta, fourth Khan of the orcish horde.

Mask of the Khans

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