The Witch of Winter


The origins of the halfling known as Yamyra are unknown. Tales were told in Doloth of a witch who made her home in the woods far to the north, who walked barefoot along the frozen ground. Wherever she went she was cloaked in blizzards, and her lair was decorated with the frozen forms of those who had crossed her. The Witch of Winter’s reputation was such that none dared trespass upon her domain, for her mastery of ice magic was absolute.
Yamyra’s solitude was disturbed when in desperation the dwarf Uldar Lao sought her assistance. He had been tracking the activities of the rogue priestess Kaede Hiriko and had discovered her plot to throw the civilized nations into chaos. He arrived at Yamyra’s door with offerings and prostrated himself before her, begging her to help him save his people. For her own inscrutable reasons, Yamyra granted his request, and fought alongside him against Kaede and her army. While Uldar himself was killed in the struggle, Yamyra triumphed over Kaede with the help of Tess the Exile. Afterward, she returned to her homeland to tend to her own mysterious agenda.
Yamyra vanished from the public eye for decades, until another came to her lair seeking her help. A young gnome named Miro Zandobar was hunting the ruthless killer Kieyenna the Doomstaff, and he begged the Witch of Winter to help him bring her to justice. Yamyra had seen Kieyenna in her portents, and knew of the danger posed by the girl if she was allowed to continue increasing in power. She joined the hunting party, and soon met Kieyenna in the field of battle. While Yamyra’s magic was great, she had never an art like Kieyenna’s before, fluidly and flawlessly combining the arts of magic and combat into a single deadly practice. Kieyenna countered every spell Yamyra could throw at her, and when she had exhausted her reserves of power Yamyra was struck down by the young magus. It is said that when she passed, the woods that she called home thawed and were enveloped in an endless spring.

Yamyra was the second incarnation of Oskar Torunn.



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