Vrag Torlukk

Orcish Shaman


Vrag Torlukk has hidden in the shadows of human civilization for many decades now, serving as the spiritual leader of the half-orc diaspora throughout the nations. While many of his brethren in the wastes have despaired of ever uniting the clans again, his visions have long told him that Feng Vola will come again to forge the orcs into one people. He was first encountered when Doran Smith was mortally injured aboard the Meridian. Eabha and Dreeta found him in the sewers below Marn, where he helped them travel into Doran’s mind and free him from the poison that gripped him. Vrag presented Dreeta with an eagle’s feather, a token to gain her admittance among the orcs.
Vrag and Dreeta were reunited at the base of Cobb’s tower, where Dreeta was forced to fight the old druid in order to prove herself worthy of entering the tower. She defeated him, and he declared her the reincarnation of Feng Vola in front of all the attending orcs, a statement that has caused her no little consternation.


Vrag Torlukk

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