Uldar Lao

Scholarly Priest


Uldar Lao was raised as a cleric and trained in divine magic and the art of the hammer and the shield, but his passion was always in books. When the time came to be deployed to one of the world’s temples to watch over his flock, Uldar asked instead to oversee the church’s library, a task normally reserved for priests without the gift of magic. His superiors reluctantly agreed, unable to argue with his unimpeachable academic credentials. Under Uldar Lao, the church’s library became the greatest repository of knowledge the East has seen since the days of the Old Imperium.
While Uldar’s attention was focused on the library, he still kept an eye on events in the outside world, and certain patterns began to emerge that gave him pause. Slowly but surely, he cobbled together information from a variety of sources, and came to believe that some guiding hand was behind the chaos that was arising throughout the civilized nations. Eventually, he followed his evidence to Kaede Hiriko, a rogue priestess bent on the destruction of civilization. Uldar knew that he had to stop her, but doing so was beyond his meager abilities. He set out to recruit the mightiest heroes of the age to put a stop to Kaede’s plan.
His first recruit was Drovic Khan, an itinerant Drow knight who was glad to sign on to a noble cause. He then journeyed north to beseech the Witch of Winter for aid, and was somewhat surprised when she chose to grant it. Finally, he went among the orcs to find the bareknuckle fighter Tess the Exile. While he himself was no great warrior, he chose to accompany the three of them to see that the deed was done. He fought bravely, helping to hold off Kaede’s savage beasts while Tess and Yamyra finished her off. While he perished from his wounds soon after, he was accorded a place of honor in the church, and is still the patron of scholars to this day.

Uldar Lao was the second incarnation of Elywick Garrick.


Uldar Lao

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