"Thunderclap" Canan

Half-orc Gunslinger


“If you’ve heard the thunder, you’re already dead.” -Canan

Canan was the runt of a litter of half-orcs raised in a small fishing village on the southern coast of Garrick. While she was enthralled by tales of heroism and valor in combat, she was physically frail and the subject of much mockery from her burly fellow half-orcs. Even as she dreamed of a life of adventure, she was forced into a job gutting fish on the docks to support her family.
All of that changed when she came upon a shipwreck one morning as she walked along the shore. The ship bore resembled none she had ever seen before, and the crew were nowhere to be found. Inside she found strange books full of formulas and diagrams, and crates full of substances and devices the likes of which she had never seen before. Every day after work she returned to the ship and studied the tomes, plumbing the mysteries of the ship and its cargo. She learned how to clean, load, and operate the strange weapons found within the crates, and to synthesize the black powder that seemed to power them. When the sky darkened and storms blew in from the sea she would steal away into the woods and practice with the weapons, the sound of the rolling thunder concealing her activities.
One day Canan packed up what she could carry from the ship and left the village. She travelled west, to the very outskirts of civilization, and there she set about making a name for herself as a hero and adventurer. She still wasn’t strong, but with her thundersticks, she didn’t need to be; she could kill with a flick of her finger, and bandits and cutthroats soon learned to fear the crack of Canan’s deadly weapons. She lived simply, and sent her remaining money back to support her family.
When the orcs invaded Garrick, Canan fought back, striking fear into the hearts of the superstitious warriors with her strange armaments. She fought a rearguard action, helping the common folk flee east, and during one such encounter she ran up against Eran Vult, who was attempting to pillage the soon-to-be deserted village before the orcs could. The two clashed, but the arrival of the orc warband united them, and fighting side-by-side to escape they developed a grudging respect for one another. Canan convinced Vult to join her, and together they proved to be a nightmare for the invading horde.
When they were approached by Alozza, Canan jumped at the opportunity to put an end to the horrors the people of Garrick had been subjected to. It was Canan who dealt the mortal blow to Mazan Skycaller, shattering the horde and finally fulfilling her dreams of heroism. Afterwards, she returned to her hometown, married, and had a single son. She lived in peace for the rest of her days, until a mysterious stranger tracked her down and trapped her in a burning building. She perished in the blaze, and her son vowed revenge.

Thunderclap Canan is the fifth incarnation of Oskar Torunn.


"Thunderclap" Canan

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