Sergeant Elias Matheson

Marnish Soldier


“Up and at ‘em, maggots, or I’ll pull your guts out and strangle the enemy with ’em myself!” -Sergeant Matheson, typical motivational speech

A career soldier, Matheson was born in Doloth and spent his youth hunting in the snowy forests and helping to repel attacks on his small village by bandits and monsters. When he came of age, he hired on with a group of settlers headed south to build a village in Marn, and served as a guardsman for the village for fifteen years. In 208 AW he became a commissioned officer in the newly created Marnish Army, and two years later he went to war for the first time. He gained a reputation as a blunt but reliable soldier, though he quickly grew disillusioned with the incompetence of his superior officers and the cowardice of the merchant princes. In the final years of the war he served alongside a young footsoldier named Doran Smith, and witnessed Nina Barron lead his men to victory. He swore loyalty to her from that day on.

Unable to find honest work for a man who only knew how to fight after the war, Matheson went to work as a smuggler. He was enlisted by the information broker known only as Red Mask to ferry Eabha Melusine and her friends downriver, and he later helped Nina Barron retake the city of Marn after the revolt of the merchant princes, at which point he was recommissioned into the Marnish military. He is currently serving as a captain in the navy, running particularly sensitive errands for Magistrate Barron.


Sergeant Elias Matheson

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