Saint Rhialla

Founder of the Inquisition


From early in life, Rhialla always had a hunger for knowledge. Whenever she wasn’t working on the family’s farm, she could be found in the study of the hedge wizard of her small town in the mountains of Doloth, devouring tome after tome of stories of the Old Imperium. The kindly old wizard saw that she had the gift of magic, and taught her to harness the powers within the ancient scrolls for the good of the community. Rhialla’s power quickly surpassed that of her master, and people came from surrounding villages to seek her assistance. However, when her master finally passed, Rhialla decided she wanted to go out and see the world that she had read so much about.

While Rhialla was used to seeing magic used for the good of the people, however, the world beyond her village walls was a far different picture. Sorcerers and wizards used their powers to intimidate and enslave the common people, and scorched the earth in their conflicts with each other. The suffering that Rhialla saw occurring at the hands of rogue magic-users changed her outlook forever. She went to work studying divine magic and recruiting a band of brave warriors to help her bring the worst of the mages to heel.

People quickly rallied to her cause, and soon Rhialla was leading a small army. By force or by guile, they killed or imprisoned the mages who were decimating the countryside, and restored some semblance of order to the human nations. Rhialla knew that temporary measures would never be enough; as long as mankind had the gift of magic, people would arise who sought to use it to gain power over their fellow man. The Inquisition was formally founded with the goal of containing and controlling the threat of magic, and Rhialla set about devising a plan to do so with the help of arcanists, clerics, and dwarven inventors.

The Inquisition grew to be a symbol of hope for the people, and Rhialla soon found herself as occupied with keeping the peace as she was with her original mission. When the orcish horde poured into Garrick, she knew that she could not ignore the suffering of her people, even if it meant abandoning her original mission. Together with the orcish cleric Tess Greenskin, Rhialla journeyed through the warzone, seeking to make peace with the orcs. She treated with Khan Skycaller, but was betrayed and assassinated, throwing the Inquisition into chaos.

Rhialla was elevated to sainthood within the Inquisition shortly after her death, and statues of her grace most Inquisition chapter houses. She has come to symbolize the benign side of the Inquisition, that which seeks to heal and protect rather than destroy.

Saint Rhialla was the fourth incarnation of Elywick Garrick.


Saint Rhialla

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