Pari Marius

Monk of the Order of the Crashing Waves


In the age of the Imperium, the sheer volume of magic coursing through the world could infuse the blood of those who were exposed for too long with elemental energy. After the Sorcerer Wars devastated the world’s population of magi, these bloodlines quickly over the course of only a few generations. Pari Marius was the last of one such race, an Undine, his body warped by the influence of elemental water. He was an expert swimmer, able to breathe underwater, and uncomfortable if confined to land for too long. Pari grew up amongst an order of monks who lived on a chain of islands south of Marn, and took inspiration for their philosophy and martial style from the movement of the water around them. Through these monks he learned to respect the balance of the world, which ebbed and flowed like the shifting of the tides.
When tales reached Pari of Kieyenna the Doomstaff, he knew that this was an imbalance that must be corrected. He journeyed to the mainland in search of Kieyenna, but she had disappeared without a trace. He allied with the gnomish wolf-rider Gimble Turen, and together the two of them conscripted the alchemist Lissi Lightbreeze to help them locate Kieyenna’s hiding place. They confronted her on a ship bound eastward, but she proved too powerful for them. Willing to sacrifice himself to assure Kieyenna’s defeat, Pari swam into the depths of the ocean and lured out an ancient leviathan, who consumed the ship and all of its passengers whole.

Pari Marius was the third incarnation of Elywick Garrick.


Pari Marius

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