Nicolai Blastonovic

Dwarven Alchemist/Inventor/Adventurer


“Like all true geniuses, Chief Engineer Blastonovic is completely out of his mind.” -Ark Progress Report

Nicolai Blastonovic is the most recent sion of a long and noble line of Dwarven smiths, engineers, and inventors. Where his family had been staunch traditionalists, however, Nicolai was a bold, brilliant innovator, making half-mad leaps of intuition that would advance dwarven technology by years at a time when they weren’t blowing up in his face. Nicolai’s talent for invention quickly advanced him through the ranks of the Dwarven Union, and soon people across the world were using mass-produced Blastonovic products, while the Union reaped the profit.

Decades into his career, however, Nicolai’s creativity began to run dry. His genius was still there, but his muse was nowhere to be found, and he soon became a laughingstock amongst his former colleagues. Determined to find new inspirations, Nicolai set out into the world below for the first time. In a tavern in Old Doloth he met Catherine DeGris, and after drinking her under the table he decided to join her and her companions. Together they journeyed across the treacherous peaks of Doloth and deep into the jungles of Kreer, and a deep bond formed between Nicolai and Catherine, who grew to be like a daughter to him.

When Catherine returned home to care for her dying father, Nicolai joined his fellow dwarves once again, with a notebook brimming with new ideas. He quickly made his name again and shamed all those who had mocked him, and soon he was brought to the attention of Aust Amastacia, who sought to build a massive airship for the Inquisition in which captive mages could be kept safe and comfortable. Nicolai helmed the project, believing that this could be a way to finally bring peace to the world below and save the mages from the ravages of their own power, but as construction continued he grew suspicious of Amastacia’s motives. However, on the day that the ship was to launch for the first time, he disappeared without a trace, and no one has heard from him since.

Eabha found Nicolai aboard the Ark, where he had been imprisoned ever since the ship was launched. He recognized her, and later helped the party free her from Amastacia’s private cell. While the party escaped, Nicolai held off the worst of the imprisoned magi who had been contained within The Pit. He was still aboard the Ark when it collided with the side of a mountain in Doloth.

Nicolai Blastonovic

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