Nelven Dworden


“Goddammit, Nelven.” -Everyone

The youngest son of a family of poor peasant farmers outside the village of Drury Mill, Nelven Dworden quickly acquired a reputation about town for being lazy and shiftless, constantly dreaming up new schemes to get out of working on the farm. Hoping that she would teach him some discipline, his parents convinced the local cleric to take him on as an apprentice. While Nelven showed a talent for divine magic, his attitude did not improve, and his mentor was forced to regularly dream up new punishments for his misbehavior.

Tired of what he perceived as his unfair treatment at the hands of the cleric, Nelven dreamed up a scam to turn the tables on the townsfolk. Recruiting a gang of local boys and disguising them as zombies, he used his magical tricks to convince the townsfolk that they were under attack by a hoard of undead. After frightening off local traders, he would help himself to their wares. His plan was foiled when a party of refugees from Goodhearth tracked him down and delivered him to justice. However, he managed to escape his punishment, and fled northward.

Nelven managed to establish himself in the criminal underworld of Midlund, the trading hub of the region. He was assigned to smuggle weapons upriver to the Elven city of Stallions Charging, where they were sold a group of rebels forming amongst the drudges there. On one of his smuggling run he again ran afoul of the party from Goodhearth, who turned him in to the Elven authorities. However, the Elves double-crossed them, and they escaped with Nelven in a prison coach, fleeing across the river into Halfling territory. When the party reached the Halfling camp they turned Nelven over to the local authorities; his fate is currently unknown.

The party encountered Nelven again in the town of Trine, where he was being held indefinitely by the head of the local constabulary, Lieutenant Bloodmoore. Bloodmoore offered them passage in exchange for taking Nelven off her hands, though she left him with a parting gift. Later, Nelven helped the three of the sneak aboard the Ark by transforming Doran into a strange owl-bear creature, and alerting the townsfolk to an incursion by dark magi. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Nelven Dworden

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