A Being from Beyond the Veil


“Tell me truly: is there anything you would not do to go home again?” -Nax

The spell that nearly shattered the earth had a single purpose: pull the spirits of Cobb’s murdered parents back from the next world, so that he might be reunited with them. In the last moments before his defeat, Cobb succeeded in piercing the veil between the worlds, but what lay beyond was far more vast and terrifying than he had anticipated. As he gazed into the expanse, he was struck down by his attackers, and the portal snapped closed, but not before something was pulled through. A creature of raw power, the being that would become known as Nax found itself trapped in an alien world, confused and frightened and separated from everything that it had ever known.
Nax wandered the world, feeding off the energy of any spellcasters in his path and eventually gaining the strength to manifest a corporeal form. He quickly grew to hate the world that he had been trapped in; he was a being of pure magic, power and thought intermingled, and being bound to the physical world and surrounded by weak and petty beings of flesh was a decidedly unpleasant experience for him. Worse, with Cobb destroyed, there was no one in this world with even a fraction of the power needed to pierce the veil again and send him home. Nax despaired of ever seeing his world again, and took to lurking on the edges of civilization, taking out his frustration on any who had the misfortune of falling into his grasp.
While playing with one of his prey, he learned of Mazon Skycaller, the great orc Khan who had led her army on a path of destruction through Garrick. He realized from these tales that Cobb had been reincarnated, and his power born again into the world. Nax knew that seizing control of Cobb might be his last hope of returning home. Taking the form of a handsome young man, he returned to the world of men, determined to lay hands on Cobb’s next form.
While he eventually discovered the location of Dellisar Zoren, Cobb’s most recent incarnation, the Inquisition beat him there, and Dellisar was killed in the conflict. Realizing that he was going to need more resources in order to outwit Amastacia, Nax insinuated himself with an influential Garrick merchant-lord, Daved Lusker. Nax promised Lusker unlimited power over the kingdoms of men in return for a single favor: find Cobb’s newest form, and bring it to him.
Lusker recently found Eabha Melusine, the current incarnation of Cobb, and brought her to Nax. He explained to her what he needed from her, but before she could make her decision Amastacia raided Lusker’s estate and took Eabha from him. Nax tracked down the rest of the party and told them that the only way they could free Eabha was to bring down the Ark. He gave them a spell with which to do so, then vanished again.
According to Catherine Melusine, Nax has united the army of escaped Magi from the Ark and intends to use them to reopen the portal to his world, destroying Shard in the process.


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