Miro Zandobar

Gnomish Magus


Miro Zandobar was born and raised among the gnomes of the Monastery of the Magi. When he demonstrated a talent for crafting new spells, he was elevated to novice and began his instruction. As a student, he met Kieyenna, a half-elf who had been abandoned at the monastery by her parents, and the two of them grew close. While Miro developed romantic feelings for Kieyenna, she was too focused on her studies to notice, and his desire went unrequited. Miro began to worry about Kieyenna when he noticed that she was spending more and more time practicing her art, rarely taking breaks even to sleep or eat. Her obsession with increasing her power drove a wedge between them, and when he tried to reach out to her to help she rebuked him.
Not long after, Miro was sent to Old Doloth to purchase supplies for the monastery. He returned to find it a smoldering ruin. Kieyenna had stolen Cobb’s staff from the vaults, and killed all who had attempted to stand in her way. Miro’s family were among the victims. Enraged at his former friend, Miro swore revenge. He knew his skills were no match for hers, so he journeyed north into elven territory and sought out Yamyra, the legendary mad witch of the north. Yamyra had no desire to involve herself in the affairs of mortals again, but Miro’s tale troubled her, and the winds confirmed to her that Kieyenna posed a grave threat to the world. Yamyra agreed to help subdue her. Miro also recruited Kyras Barca, a skilled elven cavalier seeking to make a name for himself.
The three of them confronted Kieyenna outside of Two Rivers, but her power had grown beyond what any of them could imagine. She dispatched Yamyra and Kyras, then turned her attention to Miro. He fought for his life, but he was utterly outmatched by her. He thought he detected a moment of regret as she raised her staff, but it passed quickly and she crushed his skull, putting an end to his quest for revenge.

Miro Zandobar was the third incarnation of Elywick Garrick.


Miro Zandobar

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