Mazan Skycaller

Third Khan of the Orcish Horde


“The humans want us to lay down and die. They drive us into the desert to die while they treat our brothers and sisters like slaves or worse. But if I am to die, it will be with an axe in my hand. And if the humans slaughter us to the very last orc, I intend to make it a battle that will haunt their nightmares for generations.” -Mazan Skycaller, The Third Khan

Mazan was a half-orc who grew up on the streets of Two Rivers, begging and stealing or going hungry. Sleeping on the streets, she witnessed the injustices that her fellow half-orcs were regularly subject to. Once her gift for sorcery began to manifest, she was found and taken in by a local nobleman, who hoped to train her up and use her against his enemies. Mazan had other plans, however, and after her training was complete she killed her patron and fled the city, heading west.
Evading the authorities, she made her way into the Wastes, where she sought out the tribes of the full-blooded orcs. As she journeyed across the desert, she continued to hone her abilities with storm magic, summoning rainstorms for nourishment and calling down lightning to frighten away predators. When she finally arrived at the orcish capitol, she was at first mistrusted for her human blood and civilized clothing. But when she conjured her greatest storm yet as a show of power, the shamen welcomed her into her ranks, and began teaching her the ways of the horde.
Mazan quickly gained power and prestige among the tribes, earning the appellation Skycaller for her proficiency with weather manipulation. She built up a massive following among the young orcs who yearned to bring war to the humans once again, though the shamen and their giant allies were wary of the building furor. Mazan yearned to return to Garrick and set her fellow half-orcs free from the yoke of oppression, and when she was unable to sway the chieftains to her side, she invoked the horde and declared herself khan with the overwhelming support of the military. The chieftains and the shamen were unable to stand against the tide, and reluctantly lent their support.
With a mighty sorceress at their head, the orcish horde swept into the unsuspecting Garrick, slaughtering and pillaging. Mazan made sure that the farmland remained untouched, since she intended the orcs to settle in Garrick once the humans had been pushed into the sea. The military of Garrick crumbled before the horde, and they won victory after victory. However, in the midst of their conquest, an envoy approached consisting of Rhialla, the head of the Inquisition, Tess Greenskin, an orcish priest, and Longwalker, an ambassador from the giants. The three of them sought to convince Mazan of the error of her ways. Together, they talked for three days and three nights, but Mazan’s lieutenants grew restless and bloodthirsty, and they contrived to ambush and kill the envoys in the middle of the night. Horrified, the elder orcs withdrew their support and returned to the wastes.
Mazan was deeply disturbed by the fate of the envoys and the conversations she had had with them. She was no longer convinced that her war was just, but the horde was on the move and nothing could stop it now. She couldn’t simply send the men she led off to the slaughter, so she resigned to finish what she had started. Her army closed on Two Rivers, intending to besiege the city, but the night before the battle she was confronted in her quarters by Eran Vult, Thunderclap Canan, and Alozza Al-Barak. She fought for her life, but the three of them proved too much for her, and she gladly died a warrior’s death at the hands of Canan. While in life she had been unable to put an end to the horde’s rampage, her death broke its spirit, and the orcish army was driven back into the desert by the Inquisition.

Mazan’s restless spirit was haunting the Tomb of the Khans, controlled by the lich Anastasia Grey. She was at first hostile, but the party convinced her that Dreeta would restore the glory of the orcish horde and she let them pass with her blessing. When Grey was destroyed, Mazan’s spirit was finally set free.

Mazan Skycaller was the fourth incarnation of Cobb.

Mazan Skycaller

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