Magistrate Nina Barron

Mercenary Cavalier, Magistrate of Marn


“Politics makes me miss the days when all I did was kill people.” -Nina Barron, to a meeting of the Merchant Princes. The vote passed unanimously.

Nina Barron was orphaned when her family’s caravan was attacked by orcish raiders in Torunn, and she was taken in and raised by ranch hands on one of the province’s largest estates. She loved horses, and quickly became a talented rider. One of the hands was a former cavalry scout, and he taught her to fight with lance, sword, and bow from horseback. When the ranch was attacked by orcs, Nina rode out to help a passing band of mercenaries drive them back, and they were impressed enough with her skills that they recruited her on the spot.

As Nina rode the border fighting orcs with the Outriders, she demonstrated not only a remarkable skill for battle but also a keen tactical mind and an ability to manage the logistics of the regiment flawlessly. She quickly rose up the ranks, and when the previous captain retired to a life of luxury he turned over the reigns of the unit to her. This enraged his former second-in-command, a surly half-orc named Krusk, and he challenged her to single combat for the right to lead the Outriders. She defeated him, but chose to spare his life, earning his undying loyalty.

During her tenure as leader, the Outriders were hired by the Merchant Princes of Marn to aid in their fight against Garrick and Doloth. Nina saved the Marnish army from destruction through a bold charge down a steep canyon wall in the Battle of Grey Gulch, then helped organize the ragtag group into a guerilla fighting force that could harry the larger forces without being drawn into direct confrontation with them. At the Battle of the Wall she drew the two larger armies into conflict with each other, then ran down the survivors with her cavalry, forcing Garrick and Doloth to abandon their attempts to claim Marn as their own.

During her time leading the army, Nina grew fond of her men and the nation they were fighting for. She resigned from the Outriders to remain in Marn and help to rebuild, but was surprised when the Marnish people voted her the new Magistrate by an overwhelming majority. She came to the palace to claim the honor, but the old magistrate arrived soon after with a band of mercenaries to take the title back by force. However, Krusk and the other Outriders were still bivouacked in Marn, and when they heard of this they rode out to support Nina. As the two groups of mercenaries faced off, Nina beheaded the former magistrate on the steps of the palace, cementing her place as Marn’s new leader.

Recently, Nina was poisoned by an assassin, and chaos consumed Marn as her Outriders returned to the city to protect her from further attacks. Nina enlisted Doran Smith and his friends to seek out a cure in the Imperium Capitol, but while they were away the Merchant Princes rose up in rebellion, lead by the Laughing Man, the gnomish anarchist who had orchestrated the assassination attempt. Doran and his companions managed to retrieve the antidote on time, and apprehend the Laughing Man, and a rejuvenated Nina restored order to the city and purged the rebellious Merchant Princes. She is currently rallying Marn’s military might, and has sent Doran and his friends to Two Rivers to discover the motives of the man who orchestrated her fall, Lord Daved Lusker.

Magistrate Nina Barron

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