Lord Daved Lusker


The only son of one of the ruling merchant houses of Garrick, Daved Lusker was educated by the finest tutors in politics, trade, warfare, and intrigue. He proved himself a shrewd businessman at a young age, securing numerous trade monopolies either through business or through force and multiplying his family’s fortune several times over. His parents were killed when assassins destroyed their luxury barge, and the rivals responsible for their deaths were executed and their property transferred to his estate, making him the third-richest man in Garrick. Since then he has consolidated his holdings, cementing his control over the river trade and Garrick’s copious grain supply. While he has remained in the third seat of the Merchants’ Council, many believe that he is in fact hiding a large portion of his wealth, preferring to wield his power in secret rather than overtly taking control of the council. Some even believe that he has designs on the conquest of Garrick’s neighboring countries, an opinion supported by his recent attempt on the life of Nina Barron.

Lusker recently engineered the assassination of the two highest-ranking merchants in Garrick, seizing power in the country for himself. This brought him into conflict with the Inquisition, and many fear that another war between Garrick and Doloth is not far behind.

Lusker seized Eabha and her friends outside of Cobb’s tower. His men escorted them to Lusker’s estate, and he seemed determined to torture Doran, but Nax stopped him. Lusker attempted to escape by carriage after Amastacia attacked the estate, but he was pulverized by a golem controlled by Doran.


Lord Daved Lusker

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