Emissary of the Giants


“We see seasons pass in the blink of an eye. Mountains crumble and oceans rise before our gaze. How absurd and trivial, then, the wars of mortals seem in the eyes of the giants.” -Longwalker

When the orcs were driven into the desert, they turned on each other, and it seemed that their race was doomed to be wiped out by infighting and forever buried beneath the sand. However, a group of shamen guided by the ideals of Feng Vola journeyed deep into the heart of the Wastes, where they found the home of the Giants. The Giants were a contemplative, peace-loving people, who lived in perfect harmony with nature even as they shaped the land and the weather according to their own peculiar whims. The shamen brought the knowledge that they had gained back to their people, and the Giants became something between gods and mentors to the orcs, watching over them and helping them to build a new civilization from the rock and the sand.
As time went on, many orcs became frustrated with slow progress and enigmatic motives of the giants, and a warlike fervor began to stir amongst the tribes again as many young warriors wished to abandon the harsh living of the Wastes in favor for the plenty that could be taken in the human nations beyond. When Mazan Skycaller reunited the horde and lead them east to destroy Garrick, the giants were troubled that a people they had grown to love had been led so far away. One of their number was chosen to journey into the lands of men and convince the new Khan of the error of her ways. Giants have no names, but the humans he met along the way took to calling him Longwalker, and tales are still told of the legendary giant who strode through western Garrick, spreading a message of peace and balance. When Rhialla decided to treat with the Khan, she invited Longwalker to accompany her, hoping that he could shed light on the orc’s motivations in invading Garrick. The party was betrayed though, and Longwalker was butchered along with Rhialla and her standard-bearer, Tess Greenskin. The killing of a giant is considered a cardinal sin amongst orcs, and many of Skycaller’s shamen abandoned her after the death of Longwalker.

Longwalker is the fourth incarnation of Oskar Torunn.



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