Lissi Lightbreeze

Alchemical Prodigy


Lissi Lightbreeze was a sylph, a human whose blood was infused with the essence of alchemical air. One of the last of her people, Lissi grew up feeling disconnected from those around her in her home of Two Rivers, and buried herself in books and ancient scrolls, longing to understand the nature of the world. She delved into alchemy, where her natural curiosity and quick-thinking allowed her to innovate ingenious solutions to longstanding problems. At a young age she made a name for herself in the scientific and magical communities, and was sought out by many for solutions to problems no one else could solve.
When Lissi was approached by Gimble Turen and Pari Marius and asked to help them track down Kieyenna the Doomstaff, she tackled the strange new problem enthusiastically. Combining her scientific and alchemical knowledge, she devised a way to track Kieyenna’s arcane signature, and guided her two new companions as they pursued Kieyenna aboard a ship bound east. Overcome by curiosity, she decided to accompany them onto the ship, wanting to see how things ended. Little did she know, she was going to her death. The three of them were no match for Kieyenna, and just as a terrified Lissi was about to be finished off by the powerful magus, Pari arrived pursued by a massive leviathan, who devoured the ship whole and dragged them all into the depths.

Lissi Lightbreeze was the third incarnation of Oskar Torunn.


Lissi Lightbreeze

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