Lissa Marie


A childhood friend of Eabha’s mother Catherine, Lissa Marie was an orphan who was taken in and raised by Catherine’s father, Eran Vult, on his ranch in Torunn. When the two of them came of age, she and Catherine set out to make a name for themselves as adventurers, and Lissa’s skill at befriending and taming animals proved quite useful in the wilds of Marn and the savage jungles of Kreer. Eventually, Catherine settled down to have a family, and Lissa disappeared into the wilderness, never entirely comfortable with civilization and its trappings.

Recently Eabha and company came across Lissa in the forests to the south of the Old Imperium Capitol. She gave them what information she had on the Capitol and the Alchemist, and parted with some encouraging words for Eabha.

At some point, Lissa was reunited with Roland Taverner and Red Mask aboard the Shardrunner. She is now staying with Catherine and the Shardmages beyond the edge of the world.


Lissa Marie

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