Lieutenant Krusk

Half-Orc Mercenary


“Alright, anybody else feel like disagreeing with the Captain?” -Krusk, holding a freshly ripped human spine

Krusk, like many half-orcs, was the result of orcish raiders raping human women along the border of Torunn. After his birth, his mother left him to die in the desert, but the Outriders happened to be passing through the area, and the captain found him and took pity on him. The man raised him as his own son, and Krusk grew into a formidable fighter, towering over the other mercenaries and wielding a massive glaive in battle. He was always surly and withdrawn, and his only close friend was his adoptive father. When the Captain retired, Krusk assumed that command of the unit was going to be passed on to him; when instead Nina Barron was named the new Captain, he flew into a rage and challenged her to single combat to the death for the honor of leading the Outriders. Despite the fury of his onslaught, Nina’s agility and superior tactical sense allowed her to win the day, but as Krusk lay at her feet, she spared him, asking him instead to serve her as he had served his father. He pledged his undying loyalty to her, and she has been his closest companion ever since.

After Nina’s poisoning, Krusk took over the running of the Outriders and Marn, though he showed little patience for either. He was more than happy to let Nina take charge again when she was cured, and get back to what he’s best at: killing.

Lieutenant Krusk

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