Kyras Barca

Elven Cavalier


Kyras Barca was born to a prestigious elven family a few decades after the Sorcerer Wars. His parents hoped to groom him for rule, but he was more interested in riding and fighting. He soon made a name for himself in the tournaments of the elven nobility, but competition was not enough for him. He wanted to be a hero like in the stories that he had grown up with. He saddled his horse, donned his armor, and rode off to seek his fortune.
After a few years of working as a mercenary his opportunity for glory finally presented itself when he met Miro Zandobar, who was hunting the legendary Kieyenna the Doomstaff. Knowing that he would never be forgotten if he managed to defeat such a foe, he gladly joined forces with Miro and Yamyra, the mad witch of the north. The three of them tracked Kieyenna to Two Rivers, and confronted her as she left the city. However, they had underestimated their quarry; her magical abilities had grown exponentially, and she deflected every spell Yamyra threw at her before impaling the hafling witch. Next she turned on Kyras, sundering armor and shattering bones with a series of punishing blows. Before she could finish it off, she was interrupted by Miro, who kept her distracted long enough for Kyras to drag himself into the river. He was brought ashore by a group of fishermen downstream, broken and half-drowned. Recuperating in Two Rivers, he learned that Miro had fallen by Kieyenna’s hand as well.
Determined to avenge his fallen comrades, Kyras set out on the hunt once again as soon as his condition would allow it. The battle had crippled him, but he could still hold a lance and walk with difficulty. He tracked Kieyenna for years, and finally came upon her at the site of her battle with Tess the Exile, where she lay near death after the elven brawler destroyed her staff. Kyras raised his sword to slay her, but Kieyenna begged for her life, renouncing her evil ways. Kyras hesitated, and in that moment of hesitation Kieyenna slit his throat, leaving him for dead on the roadside. He was buried in an unmarked grave by passing travelers.

Kyras Barca was the third incarnation of Ielenia Longshadow.


Kyras Barca

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