Kaede Hiriko

Nature's Vengeance


“That girl is chaos incarnate.” – Yamyra, the Witch of Winter

Kaede Hiriko was born among the refugees of the Sorcerer Wars in the streets of Old Doloth. Growing up surrounded by unprecedented human suffering, she took solace in the church, and grew to be a powerful cleric serving the poor and the needy. However, watching her people suffer at the hands of the powerful and the wealthy, and witnessing firsthand the corruption within the church and the ruling class, Kaede grew disillusioned with the trappings of civilization. She cast off her meager belongings and journeyed west, to live in the wilderness.
Among the beasts she learned to channel her divine gift into druidic magic, shaping nature itself to her will. She ran with wild horses and slept among wolves, and the longer she lived in the deep woods, the more she came to believe that civilization was a stain on the natural order and that in order to free the civilized nations from their suffering, their nations must fall. She began to experiment with using magic to create and nurture life, growing beasts to many times their usual size and gifting them with unusual cunning and deadly magical abilities.
Soon she began to hatch a plan to bring about her vision of the world. Reluctantly, she went among the nations again, using her gift for manipulation to plant the seeds of war between the humans, the elves, and the dwarves. Meanwhile on the edge of civilization, she bred an army of magical beasts, ready to crash through walls and lay waste to cities while the “civilized” nations were busy fighting among themselves.
Unfortunately, a particularly astute dwarven cleric and scholar named Uldar Lao was studying the patterns of the chaos that had begun to break out, and he pieced together her plan. Together with Drovic Khan, last of the drow, an elven exile named Tess, and the reclusive halfling witch Yamyra, Uldar journeyed to the heart of the wild to put an end to Kaede’s scheming. While Uldar and Drovic fell beneath the claws of her beasts, Tess and Yamyra managed to overwhelm her with their combined power. With their mistress gone, he army of beasts fled into the wilds, and Kaede’s machinations finally came to an end.

Kaede Hiriko was the second incarnation of Cobb


Kaede Hiriko

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