The Golden Dragon of Garrick


“What is that dreadful clattering sound?” -Iros, after awakening from his hundred-year nap

One of the mighty dragons created by the Imperium during the Sorcerer Wars, Iros took up refuge in a vast chamber beneath the plains of Garrick, where he has built a museum outside of time dedicated to preserving the greatest moments of human history.

At some point during his hundred-year slumber, the magical wards that sustained him were damaged, and as a result his physical form perished, leaving only his great skeleton behind. As his flesh rotted away, it seeped up into the soil of Garrick, nurturing the crops and bringing abundance to the people.

Iros met the party when they were drawn to his lair on the currents of an underground river. He treated them to his hospitality and greeted Bernard as an old friend. While his cryptic nature raised more questions than it answered, he seemed an ally, and he helped the party escape from his lair and make their way to Cobb’s tower.

The party encountered Iros again at the Dragonsmeet. While he seemed sympathetic, he was unable to help them.


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