Ielenia Longshadow

Exiled Elven Noble, Hero of the People


“My people may have turned their backs on me, but I will not turn my back on them.” – Ielenia Longshadow

Born Ielenia Lyria, Ielenia Longshadow was the eldest daughter of an incredibly powerful elven noble family. Groomed from birth to take over her family’s line, Ielenia took quickly to the martial arts but had little taste for the deception and politics of elven nobility. She also was very empathetic, a trait that her parents abhorred and did their best to stifle. She was particularly distraught by the plight of Drudges in Elven society, and did what she could to help them without angering her family. However, rumors began to spread that she had taken a Drudge as a lover, and her family cast her out rather than risk being further shamed by her. Heartbroken and left with nothing but the clothes on her back, Ielenia journeyed out into the world.

She soon found that her talent for swordsmanship could earn what she needed to get by, though her tendency to pick fights with bullies and stand up for the innocent meant she could never stay in one place for too long. The life of the travelling adventurer suited her well, and it was on one of these adventures that she met the brilliant dwarven tinker Oskar Torunn. The two of them fell deeply in love, and journeyed together for the rest of their days. Taking a dwarf as a lover was even more shameful, and when word reached the Elven cities her family dispatched assassins to kill the both of them.

Ielinia and Oskar travelled together for years, seeing the wonders of the world and fending off attacks by the many who wanted them dead. While they managed to avoid becoming entangled in the Sorcerer Wars, Ielenia could see the toll that they were taking on the common people. When Cobb destroyed the Imperium Capitol, killing millions, Ielenia decided that she had had enough. Together, she and Oskar sought out Elywick Garrick, a legendary cleric of St. Cuthbert, and together the three of them staged a daring raid on Cobb’s tower. They managed to finally destroy the nearly godlike sorcerer, but at the cost of all of their lives.

After her death, Ielenia was lionized by the elven people. Her family was stripped of their rank and made into drudges, and a city was built in her honor, Ielenia Triumphant. But elven accounts of her life tended to omit key details, such as her exile and her relationship with Oskar. She is similarly a hero to humans, and is considered the patron protector of soldiers and the innocent.
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Ielenia Longshadow

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