High Inquisitor Aust Amastacia

Leader of the Inquisition


Born into a minor elven noble family, Aust Amastacia by all accounts showed no indication of his future greatness early on in life. He had little taste for anything serious, devoting himself mostly to gambling, women, and other luxuries. He did little to elevate his family, but neither did he particularly shame them, and he seemed destined for a life of comfort and mediocrity.

All that changed one summer day. While on a hunt in the woods outside his family’s estate, he was separated from his friends. When he returned later that day, he seemed stricken by something. He renounced his family’s fortune and name, and immediately rode forth and enlisted with the Inquisition. There were few elves in the Inquisition, given their inability to wield divine magic and their general apathy toward the problems of outsiders, and so Amastacia served faithfully for many years as a front-line soldier, watching as he was consistently passed up for promotions and honors.

When the orcish horde invaded Garrick, Amastacia was horrified that the current High Inquisitor, Barnabus Lionheart, turned a blind eye to the suffering of his people for political reasons. In secret he began to gather a band of the most devoted servants of the Faith, who were similarly disillusioned with Barnabus’s leadership. When word reached them that Mazon Skycaller was dead, Amastacia knew that the time had come. He rode out with his small band of inquisitors, directly defying the orders of his superiors and leading his men against the far greater might of the horde. As they charged, Amastacia raised his sword, and a blinding light shone down from the heavens, terrifying the orcs and armoring the inquisitors against the blows of their enemies. The horde was routed and fled back to the wasteland, and all those who had witnessed the miracle immediately pledged their loyalty to Amastacia as the new High Inquisitor.

Barnabus attempted to retain his hold on power, but word of Amastacia’s gift had spread, and with the backing of the Merchants’ Council of Garrick, Barnabus was forced into retirement. Amastacia immediately set about fixing the damage that had been caused to the Inquisition’s reputation by his predecessor. He put an end to the wholesale slaughter of gnomes, and instituted a policy of live capture for wizards and sorcerers, which gave preferential treatment to those who turned themselves in of their own free will. Together with the dwarves he supervised the construction of The Ark, a massive prison ship that could house all the captured wizards and sorcerers in comfort and that constantly drained their magic to fuel its engines. Many believe Amastacia to be a saint, the next incarnation of Rhialla and Elywick Garrick, who is destined to finally cleanse the world of magic-users and usher in an era of peace and stability.

Amastacia personally lead a raid on the estate of Lord Daved Lusker to recover Eabha, who had been captured at the behest of Nax. He handily defeated the rest of the party and took Eabha away to the Ark, where he had built a specialized prison cell specifically tailored to keep her alive indefinitely and prevent her from ever escaping. There, he told her that an accident during his youth had caused all of his memories of his previous lives to come flooding back to him, and that he was determined to prevent her from doing any more harm to the world, whatever it took.

Shortly before the destruction of the Ark, High Inquisitor Amastacia vanished. No one has heard from him since.

High Inquisitor Aust Amastacia is the fifth incarnation of Elywick Garrick.

High Inquisitor Aust Amastacia

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