Gimble Turen and Fang

The Wolf-Rider


When the Monastery of the Magi was burned to the ground by Kieyenna the Doomstaff, many of the gnomes who had served the wizards there escaped into the surrounding wilderness. Many lost their lives to the chill of the winter, but those that survived eked out a living and soon grew hardy and tenacious. They befriended the wolf packs of the mountains, providing them with warmth and shelter in exchange for help hunting food. Thus, the feral mountain gnomes had their start, and some believe a remnant of their tribe remains to this day.
Gimble Turen was one of the first generation of these gnomes born and raised in the wilderness. As a boy, he seemed more animal than gnome, preferring to play with the wolf cubs rather than his own people. He became particularly close with a young wolf the tribe called Fang, and over time the two grew inseparable. Gimble learned to hunt from Fang’s back, bringing down prey with his sling as the wolf bounded through the woods. As he grew to be a formidable warrior, Gimble’s tribe told him of Kieyenna the Doomstaff, the cursed magus who had slaughtered many of their kinsman. Gimble took their blood-grudge to heart, and when he was ready he left the mountains for his greatest hunt yet.
He tracked Kieyenna for months, to no avail. On his journey he met the Undine monk Pari Marius, who was similarly determined to bring Kieyenna to justice and correct the imbalance she had caused. Frustrated in their search, the two of them called upon Lissi Lightbreeze, a famed arcanist who used her magical abilities to pinpoint Kieyenna’s location in Two Rivers. The three of them managed to board Kieyenna’s ship as she attempted to flee, and they faced off against her at sea during a terrible storm. Even in her diminished state, Kieyenna was far too strong for the three of them to overcome. In a desperate gambit, Gimble occupied Kieyenna’s attention while Pari lured a massive leviathan from the depths of the ocean. Kieyenna and her pursuers were swallowed whole, and Gimble’s grudge was finally satisfied.

Gimble Turen was the third incarnation of Feng Vola. His wolf, Fang, was the fourth incarnation of Ielenia Longshadow.


Gimble Turen and Fang

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