Feng Vola

Druid, Traitor, and Savior of Orckind


“I will pluck up this noxious weed by the root, that the garden may again flourish.” -Feng Vola, oath to the Feral Council

In the form of the Orcs, Cobb had created an army unrivaled by any other the world had ever seen. To lead his perfect army, he needed a perfect general. It is for this purpose that Feng Vola was brought into the world. A mix of the best qualities of the orcish and human bloodlines, Feng Vola was raised to be Cobb’s right hand, a cunning commander and fiercely loyal bodyguard who led the great sorcerer’s armies into battle and protected him whenever he ventured forth into the world. The half-orc was the perfect killing machine, the brute strength of a wild beast driven by the brain of a master tactician.
However, Cobb did his work too well. Feng Vola was intelligent enough that he began to question the purpose that he had been put to. He watched as his master threw away the lives of his fellow orcs by the thousands, using them as tools of conquest with no regard for their value as living beings. Slowly but surely, Feng Vola became disillusioned with his master’s quest for domination. His doubts nearly spelled his doom, when during a campaign he failed to commit a battalion of soldiers to a suicidal charge against the Imperial line, fearing for the lives of his orcs. The Imperial army overran his position and he disappeared in the confusion of the battle.
Cobb believed Feng Vola dead, and set to work on a new general. However, a grievously wounded Feng Vola had managed to escape the slaughter by flinging himself from a cliff into the raging river below. The river carried him deep into the jungles of present-day Kreer, where he washed ashore in a land untouched by civilization. There, he was found by a circle of feral halfling druids, who recognized a kindred spirit in the towering warrior and helped to nurse him back to health. Deep in the heart of nature, Feng Vola learned the ways of the druids. His companions taught him to harness the ebb and flow of life and listen to the ancient language of the world, seeking out and correcting its imbalances.
As his connection to the weave of life grew stronger, Feng Vola began to have a vision of his purpose in the world. His people may have been brought into the world unnaturally as weapons of war, but they were animated by the same life force that flowed through everything. Their bodies were nourished by the flesh of the animals and the fruits of the trees, and one day their bones would return to the earth and become a part of the cycle. But they could never be free to take their place in the world as long as Cobb filled them with fury and drove them to raze and destroy everything in their path. Feng Vola knew then that his purpose was to destroy his former master and save his people.
His circle entrusted him with the greatest weapons of their people and bid him a tearful farewell. He set out north and east, driven by a sense of purpose that he had never felt before. As he approached his master’s tower, he came upon the scene of a massive battle, as the armies of mankind made one final desperate attempt to put an end to the madman’s schemes. Cloaking himself in mist, he made his way through the battle to the entrance to the tower, where he was confronted by The Three. While at first they were distrustful of this strangely-dressed greenskin, Feng Vola showed them the way past Cobb’s traps and wards, and together the four of them confronted Cobb at the top of the tower. Without the help of Feng Vola, it is likely that the Three could never have defeated Cobb.
After Cobb’s demise, the legend of the Three spread far and wide, but no one sang tales of Feng Vola. His contribution to the victory was unknown to the civilizations that rose up in the wake of the Sorcerer Wars. However, among orcs his tale continued to circulate, the one who had broken his bonds and betrayed their master. His name was spoken first as a curse, then later as the orcs began to realize what he had done for them in a reverent whisper, and finally as a battle cry as the orcish horde fought to carve out a new place in the world for itself.
Many druids believe that their souls do not pass on to another world, but rather are spun again into the fabric of life to emerge again in new bodies. Legends have long persisted that Feng Vola still walks the world in some form or another, preserving the balance. Recently, rumor has spread among the half-orc communities throughout the human nations that Feng Vola has reappeared in a new body, and many have made the pilgrimage back to Cobb’s tower, where they believe that their savior will appear to them again and lead the way to a new future for the Orcs.

Feng Vola

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