Eran Vult

Highwayman and Reluctant Hero


“I’ve stolen gold, jewels, scrolls, relics, and even the heart of a faerie queen. If there’s anything I can’t steal, I haven’t found it yet. And when I do, I’ll steal it.” -Eran Vult

Nothing about Eran Vult would seem to mark him for greatness. Born in the slums of Two Rivers, he was in and out of jail for most of his young life, stealing when he could and begging when he had to. During one of his stints in jail, he fell in with a gang of robbers, and soon he was working as a highwayman along the roads of Garrick, striking at merchant caravans and then disappearing into the woods before he could be caught. His talent for sniffing out the most valuable cargo and eluding the authorities soon earned him a reputation among the common folk as well as a sizable bounty on his head.
When the Orcish horde swept into Garrick, Vult’s trade grew even more lucrative, as many of the refugees were forced to abandon everything they owned as they fled east. He ransacked the abandoned villas of fleeing nobles while using his knowledge of the land to evade orcish war parties. During these exploits his path crossed with that of “Thunderclap” Canan, a half-orc gunfighter who was helping a town evacuate before the arrival of the horde. Canan and Vult duelled to a standstill, but when the encroaching orcs arrived they joined forces to help the remaining townsfolk escape. Inspired by Canan’s selflessness, Vult agreed to join her in protecting the people from the bloodthirsty orcs.
During their exploits against the Orcish horde, Vult rescued an old crone from a band of hunters. The woman revealed herself to be Sylvania, Queen of the Fae, and she took a liking to the rakish Vult. Over the course of the next year they would meet in the woods for several trysts, and she would lend her powers over the forest to his cause, adding to the growing fear and hatred his name engendered amongst the orcs.
After fighting orcs and living off the land for several years, Canan and Vult were tracked down by Alozza Al-Barak, a mysterious warrior from far across the western wastes. A vision had led her to them, and she had a proposal: stop the orcish invasion in its tracks by putting an end to its leader, Mazan Skycaller. Together, the three of them devised a reckless plan to infiltrate the orcish vanguard and confront the mighty Khan. Through skill, perseverance, and no small amount of luck, they were successful, and the leaderless horde was swept back into the wastes by Aust Amastacia and the Inquisition.
For his role in the defeat of the horde, Eran Vult was granted a full pardon, titles, and lands from Garrick. On the night of the celebration, Sylvania came to him again, along with a young girl. The girl was Vult’s daughter, and while Sylvania loved him and the girl, her fickle fae nature made her unsuited to stay with them. Determined to raise his daughter away from the treachery and intrigue of Two Rivers, Vult sold his estate and bought a ranch on the outer edge of the fledgling nation of Torunn, where he resolved to live out the rest of his days in peace and raise his beloved Catherine.
As his daughter grew up and eventually left to pursue her own adventures, Vult contented himself with raising and riding horses and working on his memoirs. Unfortunately, his reputation lived on in the nations of man, and attracted unwanted attention. Vult was assassinated, struck by a poisoned dart while out riding, and he managed to cling to life only long enough to say farewell to his beloved daughter before he passed from this world.

Eran Vult is the fifth incarnation of Ielenia Longshadow.

Eran Vult

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