Elywick Garrick

Cleric, Savior of the Realm


“Their pain is my pain. Their grief is my grief. I don’t know if I can help you, but I know that I must try.” -Elywick Garrick, to Ielenia and Oskar

The youngest of 23 brothers and sisters, Ely was always strange by gnomish standards. Rather than fun-loving, curious, and sociable, she was quiet and withdrawn, preferring to spend her days wandering the woods in silent contemplation rather than singing, dancing, and playing pranks upon the tallfolk. Her natural gift for magic manifested itself differently as well. Rather than the flashy spells that most gnomes learned at a young age, Ely dedicated herself to the healing arts, and was something of a prodigy at them, such that by the age of 9 people were traveling from all over the land to seek her aid. The pressure of this became too much, and at 12 she ran away from home, becoming a traveling cleric.

Life on the road was hard, but a healer was always welcome wherever she went. She also began to delve into new schools of magic, using her abilities to protect herself from harm and neutralize her foes without hurting them. Everywhere she went, she saw the harm that was being done to the poor and downtrodden by the war that raged on between the mighty, and night after night she wept for them. Finally, in a humble farming village in the northern mountains, she was tracked down by Ielenia Longshadow and Oskar Torunn, who had heard of her amazing abilities and wanted her help in defeating Cobb. Though she was only sixteen at the time, she finally saw a chance to help people on a larger scale rather than simply tending to the countless wounded. Together, the three of them put an end to Cobb’s evil, at the cost of their own lives.

Elywick was raised up as a hero even more than her two compatriots after the war came to an end. Many believed her to be an avatar of St. Cuthbert himself, sent to heal the wounds of the world and bring justice to the wicked. She became a figure of near-religious devotion, and more than a century later would become the symbol of the Inquisition.

Elywick Garrick

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