Eabha Melusine

Fae Princess


“If my past self ruined the world, then I guess it’s up to my present self to put it right.” —Eabha Melusine

Eabha’s charm lies in her seemingly unshakeable faith in the basic goodness of others. She is a firm believer in second chances.

Daughter of Catherine DeGris and Julius Melusine, Eabha Melusine grew up on a small farm on the edge of Goodhearth. The young half-elf spent much of her childhood playing in brooks, climbing trees, and scraping her knees while vanquishing imaginary foes. Then, at the age of 12, Catherine left Eabha with an heirloom amulet and disappeared into the night.

Yet, not more than a few months after her mother left, things changed for the Melusines again. While sitting down for their evening meal Eabha was struck by a bout of hiccups. What started out as a humorous affair turned alarming as the hiccups become more forceful. Soon Julius was on the floor, clutching his sobbing, terrified daughter as she began retching up multicolored orbs of light. His heart sank as he realized what this meant for the remainder of his family, should Eabha’s abilities ever be discovered. With an intensity she had never seen before or since, Julius made her swear never to do magic in the presence of others. It was the only time in her life that Eabha remembered fearing her father.

Most looked at the two Melusines with a combination of curiosity (being the only elven bloods in town) and pity. Catherine was well-liked; her departure, keenly felt by many, was an obvious blow to Julius. Though it was clear the man was doing his best with his daughter, the elf was unable to reign in the girl’s impish spirit, which often led her to trouble. Occasionally, when feeling particularly bored or curious at home, she would test her magical talents. Julius tried his best to support his daughter’s gift, but the girl could tell her father would rather she not use her abilities.

Eabha Melusine is the fifth incarnation of Cobb.

Eabha Melusine

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