Drovic Khan

Last of his People


While the Sorcerer Wars raged on, a civil war consumed the elven empire unknown to the rest of the world. The elves had long mistrusted the Drow, and elven race that lived deep in the mountains and kept to themselves, and they used the Sorcerer War as an excuse to wipe out their hated kin once and for all. The purge of the Drow was swift and methodical, and only a single survivor managed to escape the blades of the elven reavers. A newborn baby was spirited away by a wandering knight who happened to be passing through, entrusted to a stranger by his parents as the only way to keep him safe. The night was a member of the Order of the Shield, a group of warriors dedicated to protecting the helpless, and he raised the boy himself, instructing him in arms and drilling him in the tenets of the Order until they were a second nature. Thus Drovic Khan, the last of his kind, grew to be a skilled and honorable warrior.
When Drovic learned of the fate of his people, he briefly craved revenge against the treacherous elves, but his master rebuked him. He could better sanctify their sacrifice not by killing in their name, but by living a life of value and leaving a mark on the world that would last forever. Drovic set out questing in the name of his people, righting wrongs and defending those in need. His fame grew, and eventually brought him to the attention of Uldar Lao, a dwarven scholar looking for heroes to help him save the world. Drovic and Uldar became fast friends, and together with Yamyra and Tess faced down the rogue priestess Kaede. Drovic held his ground against hundreds of wild beasts, buying the others the time they needed to defeat Kaede and put an end to her destructive plans. Drovic died fighting, leaving a legacy that would honor his people forever.

Drovic Khan was the second incarnation of Ielenia Longshadow.


Drovic Khan

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